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Originally posted by adrienurse

I really got my nose out of joint when my sister (she's an accountant, what does she know?) referred to nursing as a trade (sic) and told me that I shouldn't give relatives counselling about medications because all I knew what to do was change adult diapers and all I knew about was Alzheimers disease.

And of course, accounting is merely learning to balance a bigger checkbook???? :cool:


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Maybe we don't get much respect.

But my husband loves to wear my nursing Tshirts on dress down day, so he can talk about his wife, the RN.

Thats all the respect that I need


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Nursing is a "Profession", however sometimes all of our members do not act as professionals & as a whole we cannot unite as a profession, so we probably will never hold the clout as many other professions do. If we could unite as the ANA as one group, we could overthrow the AMA in many areas. THINK ABOUT THAT!!!


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nursing is a calling for me. i see it as having many "faces" for different people.


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Future RN,

Than answer the call, but don't lose faith if things change. I started as an LPN, went back for my ADN, than on for BSN so I could get my MSN & wonder why we as a profession are allowing the emphasis to be so fiscally oriented. Yes I know that healthcare cost money, but than why are we so administration heavy & struggling with bedside staffing? Tim Porter O'Grady wrote a book on shared governance-it works. Staff could manage themselves if we could unite & work towards a common goal. A good manager is one who hasn't forgotten what it is like to do the job, so those who do should manage best. I can see a wonderful future for nurses if we could only work on it. Take care & good luck.-Debb


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according to my last shift..............i must say a curse! dharma


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been there-done that!!!-Debb

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