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I am curious as to how many of the members of this bb are nurses or nursing students with disabilities. By disabilities, I am including congenital problems, injury-related problems, or work-related... Read More

  1. by   Simplepleasures
    Quote from sharona97
    Hi BB,

    In my situation HR fired 3 persons with dis in one day. 2 had cancer. I collapsed 2 years prior in respo distress. I was working in a clinic that has a union ( I swore I'd never do that before as a very young prof person). they became involved and I did receive compensation in money as they posted my job without telling me! can U beleive that as a human to a human, and working in a field of compassion?

    Thank goodness you were in a union.
  2. by   timpanzee
    I, too, am considered working with a disability. I suffer from chronic pain due to cervical stenosis, back back. fibromyalgia, OA of knees - I am only 46, have been a nurse for 15 years. REcently applied and was offered job in outpt clinic. After pre-employment PE, due to history, job was rescinded. Filed with EEOC - they feel that although I was discriminated against, wasn't blatant ( as if walking in with cane and then being refused - this is 'legal discrimination'). Anyway, now filing law suit to have my case heard before jury. I am so angry I have never considered myself disabled since I continue to work, never call ouot, I do what I have to do to take care of my family. I take pain medication, PT, chiropractor, massage, heat, etc. My new DON also has severe pain and back problems so my history is not a problem, nor is my pain medication. I am blessed at this point, however, what and where do I go next if I want to change jobs. It will be issue again. I have learned NEVER to be honest when it comes to your health - I guess I should lie like others that actually get job and then go out on disaiblity for life. (Sorry, I worked for state system before and this happens all the time), Anyway, just wanted to vent - thanks for listening. I will make myself heard for all of disabled nurses work continue to work or attempt to work and are turned down. I will keep you updated on outcome. Wlll be awhile before court date.
  3. by   sharona97
    I'm keeping my licensure current. I've always enjoyed CEU's and reading ,learning,etc. I could not bring myself to let the license go. HOPE, HOPE, HOPE!
  4. by   sharona97
    You Said it all. You did not consider yourself a disabled nurse. It sounds like we went down the same path, except for the work comp part. i always received great reviews but never an incident report or work comp claim. They moved me from floor work to a non existing job until I flared again 9respiratory). I was misdiagnosed for 4 months. I do collect SSDI and I live in MN. We are and always will be nurses! I'm just waiting for the next door to open I'm to walk through and WORK again. Sharona97
  5. by   sharona97
    Good thinking!
  6. by   sidneyclay
    I also am hearing impaired and work on a acute care oncology unit. I recently found some better hearing aids by Rexton (Revera Free BTE) that work really well for me and although I pull the plastic plugs out of my ear I dont take them off my ear to use my stethoscope which is an ADC electronic version that does quite well. I don't need a telecoil for my hearing aids as they have a BTE device and I can hear the thermometer beeping. What aids are you using? Also, if your hearing needs more help they have that operation now, I forget the name, that can be done for the higher sounds and still use the hearing aids.
  7. by   1OldDinosaurRN
    Any nurses out there working in clinical setting that have had a cochlear implant? I have Nucleus 23 but am having a hard time getting my stethoscope to work with it. Anyone have a stet that works good with this?
  8. by   sidneyclay
    I do not have a coclear implant, so I can't answer your question. I do hear it takes a while to get used to the implants. I asked my doctor if I could use the partial coclear implant but he said I did not have enought of a hearing problem to warrant it. I use Rexton Revera Free BTE, which has improved my hearing from my old in the ear model with remote control. I do use an ADC electronic stethoscope which works real well for me. I'm on a stepdown oncology unit and I have trained most of the nurses and aides to work with my hearing problem.

    Cudos to your years in nursing. I am 56 and graduated from nursing school in 2006. I'm just starting and a lot of people my age are already retired or just about to. I wish I had made this career move a long time ago. It just took me longer than usual to find out what I wanted to do when I grew up.

  9. by   sberrn
    If per chance anyone should come across rights for disabled nurses on line or other forms of support groups, I would be very interested to research some of them.
    I have been disabled for some time now and getting no where fast as far as therapy, pain management and case workers with workers comp. I feel that there has to be someone other than a labour attorney that can stand up for up.
    Someone who is on the side of right and wrong and not the almighty cost.
    I would still like to be able to work, at the moment this is not the case.
    An Ombudsman, or the like if anyone is aware or has any other ideas please let me know.
    Thank You.
  10. by   sharona97
    I can honestly tell u I understand the wanting to work but can't. I went to local agencies in my state (maybe for u where the injury occurred England hmmmm not sure but u could try state employment agencies that help with discrimination and it's free!).

    Best Wishes for a good day today!
  11. by   sberrn
    Originally the post was for the US as I have worked here for the last 20 years. I worked in England when I went home for evtended periods of time.
    Here there just does not seem to be any follow up once you are injured. I feel as though I have basically been put out to pasture. Yes there are jobs but the limitations always arise, not a solution.
    I have also been looking for jobs that I can do at home.
    Greatful if anyone hears anything, I guess I just have not come to terms even after all this time, that I want to give up.
    I was a good nurse, not patting myself on the back, but I am sure there is something I can do and anyone else for that matter.
    Thank You
  12. by   punkingirl
    hello to everyone and have a gooood day !! this site is worth the cost of my little notebook !!! it is difficult being a rn and not working when you have done the "job description" and received your "annual performance report" for years . it is rather comforting to see in writing what other registered nurses who are disabled are posting. this is a lonely situation for older rns..i am 64 and on continuous oxygen and do not drive due to diabetes. anyway, i am studying coding and taking a legal consulting course which may help. it is good mentally to "study" something. my husband just had brain surgery...we are a sight together !!! the thing we disabled rns do have left is our brain and our vocal skills.....i figured, use what you have and keep GOING !! mary
  13. by   sberrn
    I agree with having to keep an active brain. I applied for assisstance to go back to university via home learning. I am still waiting for a call back as I stated that I wanted to do something in the legal system.
    The question "have you done this before" My response was no but I have done 20 years of nursing and critical thinking.
    I really do hope that something happens.
    Again if anyone knows of any programmes out there that do not require a great deal of monetary input, please let me know.
    My brain still thinks it is a nurse, it is the rest of my body that cannot keep
    Thank You.