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  1. Hi i am a 20 yr old mother of 1 i have just graduated h.s 2yrs late i did'nt come from a good good school so i did'nt think i would get in2 a university but i applied ne way and i got accepted that really surprised me i really want2 be a midwife,or labor and delivery nurse my issue is math and i am going to need some remediation in that subject area thats my main learning disability so instead of going2 the university im thinking of going2 a community college 1st and then transfer back2 the university but i may just go on2 the university and take my remedial classes there im not2 bad at math its just that i learn what i need2 knw master it a forget how2do it are there ne other nurses that have problems with math and succeeded in becoming a nurse ??? any advice from some nurses or nursing students thats been down this road i would appreciate it man i really want 2 become a nurse its just that i have some road blocks im scared of failure plus i am going2 be a 1st generation college student
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  3. by   mondkmondk
    Hi...I was in your shoes at about the same age, except I didn't have my kiddos yet. I commend you on getting through high school with a dipoloma/GED. I went to LPN school at a community college and then a step-up RN school at a different community college.

    I am terrible at math; back when I worked at a total care facility, I was always calling the pharmacy to double check drug conversions and I.V. drip rates; I totally did not trust myself.

    I'm getting ready to go back for my BSN and MSN and have to take 2 college math classes. Luckily for me, my sister in law is an accountant/bookkeeper and has already offered to tutor me. Whatever college you pick, just ask around and see if someone there tutors for whatever classes you think you might need extra help in.

    Good luck!

    Blessings, Michelle
  4. by   iwanna
    Congratulations on finishing HS and going back to school. The university that I went to had a learning center where they had tutors for about every class. I think that most schools have them.
    I was never good at math, either. I scored low on college entrance exam in math area. If I had to take math, it would have been the lowest level course offered. I only took pre-reqs for RN course, so I never needed any extra math courses besides my pharmacology in nursing school. However, if you are going for your degree, you may have more math requirements. Again, congratulations on continuing with your education!
  5. by   smilealot
    Hi! Just a suggestion for anyone else who might end up reading this but I have a leardning disability to and thankfully will be graduating next month but most community colleges offer some form of disability testing. They should also provide you with accomadations for testing and for the class. I am really bad at math in class but in the clinical setting im really good. It makes more sense once you see the packaging and medcation I guess. On another note I passed my entrance exam by 1 point and now I am graduating has one of the top students in my class. So dont give up!