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Here is the story. When I was 17 I took myself to the hospital because I was suicidal. The same thing happened when I was 19 for the same reasons. A few months later I was diagnosed with Bipolar... Read More

  1. by   eforest2000
    I'm in medical school with bipolar. The dean's office knows because I got sick while at school and had to be hospitalized. If I get sick again, it's curtains for me and my medical career but I do not believe this will happen again.

    I'm stable on medication and I will someday have a medical license. :-)
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  2. by   flygirl117
    Thank you for this thread. I am having a hard time dealing with a 10 year old diagnosis of bipolar type 2 that hadn't affected me in 5 years. This year proved to be very difficult with some depressive episodes, and after 3 years being medication-free, I started taking wellbutrin again this past march. Just added lexapro 2 weeks ago. Currently too proud to take a mood stabilizer, and have had no highs in a very long time. I always felt i was misdiagnosed, and just have depression. I'm not sure it matters (once bipolar, always bipolar...)

    I feel like I finally have direction and focus (currently applying to nursing school). The wonderful care I received from nurses during hospitalizations in the early 2000s inspired me to give back. I have been extremely successful with my classes this past year despite the few bumps in the road. I love what I am learning and I look forward to nursing school.

    Thank you all for continuing to inspire. I will take a second look at myself and put my health ahead of my pride.

    Happy holidays.
  3. by   jnks
    Yikes! I was hospitalized in 1999 and have a diagnosis of "rapid cycling bipolar I," so this is well documented in my medical records. I never told anyone through school or licensing or hiring, and it never came up. I feel like my records are confidential for a reason. On the pre-employment drug screen, typical meds tested for include benzos and TCA's. I am under the impression that you just provide documentation of an RX and it is no big deal.
  4. by   hopful
    This is my first time posting anything about my disease probably because i have not wanted to admit it. I was just diagnosed in May for having a complete mental break down at work. I just received my RN license in Feb. 2009 and started working as a New Grad i was feeling very stressed out but i started blacking out and not remembering what i was doing. I went to my manager about what i was going through and she said it was just stress and I would get through it. Well i went to my primary doctor immediately after work and was put on anti anxiety meds. Well 2 weeks later i was admitted to the hospital and was put on a 5150. I was let go from my position because they said they dont have the extra money to train me more. (I didnt need anymore training i just needed a small break). My point is that i should of never let my manager know what i was going through and just called in sick.

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