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  1. by   rehab nurse

    Hi everyone...I am the lady who started this thread. Well, in the few months since I wrote it, have lost my home, my car, my everything. My two young children and I moved back with my parents in their tiny home. It's been difficult, but at least we have a roof over our head and heat during the cold winter. And I again have internet, I had gone without for a long time during this period.

    I was finally awarded medicaid for my kids and I. I am in the middle of the nastiest divorce ever. I am in another court battle with some of my credit cards, I now have a lien on any future property or wages until their balance is paid. A lot going on all at once. Good thing I was awarded the medicaid, because my COBRA was just about to expire.

    Other than that, it's the same old same old. Still in a ton of pain, despite nearly 500mg of morphine a day. To the poster who asked if I was a surgical I was not. I did seek out 3 opinions. I went to the best I could get...and they all agreed that my injuries were too severe and too far gone to operate. They also agreed that my pain issue would not be resolved by surgery. My pain is basically due to the irritation of the nerves that are constantly bathed in irritating chemicals. I had read about the IDET procedure, but both my main docs both said the IDET was not an option for me, and that its success rate was poor.

    So anyway, that's where I am. Still trying to navigate the SSDI paperwork, however, I do not have any doctor that charts well enough. I have learned that docs sure don't chart nearly enough as they should. I am apalled at how little the docs chart in your medical records. Also, none of the docs understand that I CANNOT go back to work on the amount of medicine I take. They don't understand what a floor nurse does. I couldn't pass a physical for a job if I wanted to. I can barely walk as it is, I can't stand more than 5 minutes, can't walk or sit more than a couple of minutes without my pain flying off the scale. It is hard enough getting through the daily grind of things to do, like laundry, grocery shopping, getting the kids ready for school, etc. I am in pain constantly. I have learned how much I can do and not do to keep my pain level as low as possible. I know longer remember what a pain-free life is, but I survive.

    So how is everyone else doing? And does anyone who has successfully gotten SSDI, does it matter what your educational level is? The whole SSDI system still seems so "foreign" to me.
  2. by   EmmaG
    rehab nurse, I am so very sorry

    Have you considered contacting your Congressman? I know that sounds hokey, but they really can light a fire under SSA's ass and get them moving on your claim.

    My daughter was in a similar situation with the military/VA system. She had been injured in basic, but continued to serve after her graduation. It got to the point where she couldn't go on any longer, and was medically discharged. She fought with them over her disability benefits for well over a year--- unable to work due to physical limitations, and not collecting any pay from her military service.

    Even though she lives on the opposite coast, I wrote my Congressman about her difficulties. I told him that I understood she was technically not his constituent any longer, but begged him for help or advice in the matter.

    His office jumped on it immediately, and within a week her case was decided and she received not only a damned hefty disability percentage, but back pay from the date she was discharged.

    During our last election, my younger daughter asked me why I voted for this man, as he is a Republican and I am a liberal. I told her this story and that I didn't care what political party he's affiliated with, he works hard for everyone in his District and would have my vote for as long as he chooses to serve.

    Sorry for the long post, but I do think it might help to contact your representative. Tell them the entire story. All of it. And good luck sweetie. My prayers are with you, as always.