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Do the hospitals here in Canada do anything to recognize nurses? I haven't seen or heard of anything at the hospital.


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I think Nurses Week is the start of May.

Depends on the hospital. Usually a "tea". Some hand everybody roses, others give pins and pens. Sometimes there are lunch time lectures.

It really only benefits day shift as evenings can be too busy to get away (1900-2000hrs), and poor nights usually gets a tray of squares and sandwiches left for them...


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I think most have the afternoon tea, only problem is....who has time except the administration? I have seen individual managers do something on their own units, one even buys pizza out of her own money (yes,she's a manager who is very respected, remembers what it's like in the trenches)


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Oh, ok, that's interesting. I am returning here from the US, and wasn't really sure when Nurse's day/week was, and if the hospitals recognized it.

It sounds like it's geared towards the day shift, which is really too bad.


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Nurses Week this year is May 9-13. In our hospital we have events going on everyday. Each day we have a 'lunch and learn' session with lunch provided. Monday is the kick off with coffee/snacks on each shift, Wednesday evening is a big banquet together with 2 other local hospitals, two days during the week popcorn, chocolat, coffee with be provided for each shift, finally on Friday we have a big BBQ for all staff at lunch and buffet supper for other shifts. Lots of fun!


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Apparently I need to move to Ontario! lol It sounds like it will be a good time!

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