What nurses don't hear often enough - page 3

Thank you for what you do!! Hello, I'm disabled (cerebral palsy) and use a wheelchair to get around. I have had many operations to help me walk but have not had much luck with them. The people I... Read More

  1. by   Splockster
    It's very nice to get a thank you but I never expect one, it's not why I do the job. If a family member or patient is less than polite I try to remember they're under a great deal of stress and let it flow by.
  2. by   SeattleJess
    Quote from carolinapooh
    PS: Go get a hospital administration degree. Stir the storm. Get an MBA and go shake up Kaiser Permanente or United HealthCare or Caremark or some other big conglomerate. Make some noise. As Steve Jobs said, "Think different."
    I cannot second this enough! You have the power to transform lives.
  3. by   xyrnil
    Can we make this guy in charge of the entire HCAHPS system?