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Nurses, have any you had moments when someone asked for something at the wrong time? You know what I'm talking about. Please share stories with the rest of us.... Read More

  1. by   EarlyRN
    Funny....timing is everything
  2. by   worf
    I know there are numerous times with patients and their families… But my most memorable is but I was working in Labor & Delivery and precepting a new nurse. She was almost afraid to use and so I was hands off but just kind of watching from the back of the room… We had gone in the room to start Pitocin but as we entered I heard that the that the baby was having a deceleration in the heartbeat. I waited just a few seconds to see if my orientee would recognize the situation. She started talking to the patient about starting Pitocin. She started priming the tubing, turned on the IV pump...that sort of thing. So I hopped in and was repositioning our patient, giving her a fluid bolus, gave her oxygen. I asked her to call the doctor because the heart rate was not improving and she told me hold on I'm hanging Pitocin first... Needless to say she was not ready to come off orientation and didn't end up on the floor very long!
  3. by   NurseNeLz
    Whenever Im with the other patient in the room. And they talk through the curtain. Drives me insane. Its like they get jealous the other persons getting the attention!
  4. by   billswife
    Quote from Flare
    patient coding in room 2. Patient in room 3 can see all the excitement, and calls out to me while i'm running back and forth getting various supples from the unit that he is ready to be discharged. I called out that i couldn't right then - that a patient was having an emergency. His wife proceeds to follow me down the hall towards the room where the code was happening harping on how her husband needed to be d/c NOW. I literally had to stop her from following me into the room.
    Yeah.....I actually hd a family member come into another ICU patient's room to tell me get water for her husband. Some people......
  5. by   7colorsrainbow
    It happened to my shift too. When I was preparing medication for another patient, patient pressed call bell just to tell me that she spilled water on her table. In fact, she is ambulating well in ward and just wanted me to clean the spilled water. However, I just maintained my professionalism, remained calm, and wiped off the water in few seconds.
  6. by   NewGradRN114
    I was working an afternoon shift and had 2 discharges and an admission during my shift. I also had a few aggressive/confused patients. As I was running around trying to get everything done, my one patient who was mostly independent called to say she needed her nurse immediately. When I went to go see what she wanted she said she needed help setting up her pay as you go plan on her phone.