has any other nurse read "Lean in" ?

  1. How can this apparently outstanding book apply to staff Ievel RNs?

    If it is read (from The prospective of the nurse ) what will I gain....positive and negative. Nursing in largely run by women. That is noted. My uppermanagerial types are white men. As a young white female RN , did any of her advice hit home?
    How i can I make Sheryl Sandburg's advice fit my life and me profession r/t my lifestyle?
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  3. by   amygarside
    thanks for sharing.. ill try to read this book too..
  4. by   brandy1017
    I'm not impressed with her philosphy and don't think it is the solution for the majority of women. She is part of an elite minority who went to Ivy League colleges and networked with the rich and famous and got top CEO jobs. She is living in a totally different world than the majority of people and women who do not have the opportunities she had. I'm not interested in reading about how "leaning" in and giving more to your employer and sucking up is the way to get promoted or advance the cause of more woman in leadership. I admit I haven't read her book but I've listened to her speak on 60 minutes and I don't think her ideas are relevant or practical for the average woman working to support their family. But I'm sure the many American corporations would love to have more compliant, sacrificing worker drones competing to get a promotion, while they lay off people capriciously to hire somene for less money!
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