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Memorial Day holiday weekend is right around the corner. Who's working the weekend? How about Memorial Day? Don't you just hate it when you are scheduled to work on a holiday? ... Read More

  1. by   Code_VSA
    Quote from midinphx
    I look back at all the Christmas's and holiday's that were moved to a different day to celebrate during my nursing career and I laugh that I ever complained. I joined the military and now not only do I work the holidays, I miss months of time with my family. It's just a date. Celebrate whenever you can and be grateful that you can. Be glad that you're employed - as opposed to deployed.
    Yes that is true. But when you have an employer that says no one can take off, vacation etc. From June 15 to January 3rd. Then, yes, you can celebrate Christmas the first of December or the middle of January. True.

    When you ask 7 months ahead of time to have a weekend off in July for your son's wedding and turned down, why yes, I'm sure he should consult with my employer when a better time to have his wedding besides prime time from which is June 15 to September 15.

    And the best thing of all is writing the e-mail, "Saying I'm outa here, Bye Bye" Let someone else have the chance and opportunity to work every weekend, every holiday, night shift, short staffed, no equipment, no vacations. I'm willing to step down and give someone else the job and let them have this wonderful opportunity of nursing.
  2. by   Code_VSA
    I forgot there has been plenty of Christmas holidays moved. Both Grandfathers....German and Japanese campaign, Father died while in Army, Husband's barracks missed the scud in Riyadh, brother-in-law still a bit twitchy after Vietnam, lovely Navy man adopted me made it back safe from Viet Nam, son-in-law from Iraq too, not too happy about the broke back and nerve damage from my other son's stent in Korea. Yes we know all about moving holidays around.
  3. by   merrywhiterose
    I just happened to have Memorial Day off this year. I usually work almost all of the holidays so I was surprised I get one off.
  4. by   macgirl
    We don't get holiday pay...not even Christmas. : ( Otherwise I would work everyone.
  5. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
    I don't think I will mind it as much as I would have if I was younger.
  6. by   Nursetastic
    Quote from gitanorn
    for some reason i always end-up working the holidays for those that want the time off, my children understand and we get to open their gifts on the 24th, while i work 12hr. plus on the 25th. even though i'm in management i can't bring myself to leave my staff on their own during the holidays, i have never asked them to do something that i wouldn't do. therefore, i'll be working on every single holiday only half a day. then totally off new years day, because my 2 oldest children and myself go to the new years eve masquerade ball every year!
    this is my idea of a perfect manager! willing to do the work that the staff is doing when needed. can i come work for you, please??? lol