You have got to be kidding me!!!!

  1. So I sent my letter to the board to have my probation status removed this month. Been dealing with them for 7years and 4 ready to be done. I have done exactly everything they have asked me to do! EVERYTHING!!!! So i emailed the person that handles discipline stuff at the BON... to make sure they got my letter and what to expect now.... got an email today that says they have never received my employer report for May 2018. Which is hard to believe since I sent it in the same envelope as my personal report. I've never sent them in the same envelope before always in a big yellow envelope(personal report) and the employer report in a regular envelope stamped with my employers name and address. Well in May I was running late on turning my stuff in and I didnt want it to be late since it was my last one so I opted to send it overnight instead of just certified. Well that costs 25.00 so the guy at the post office said send both envelopes in the USPS envelope that is used for the overnight services.....I didnt want to bc I have always sent them separate.....but it would be 50.00 so that's just silly when o could put them in the same package....I mean they are going to the exact same place and person..... so they somehow received my personal report but not my employer report.....OMG!! it's like just another freaking obstacle why??? So I'm going to fax another one in the morning along with my post office receipt and a letter from my administrator (he is who does my employer reports) that states that he did do it in may and it was in fact sent with my personal report. I'm thinking it will be fine as she didnt act like I was in any trouble but you never know with the BON. So now I'm sitting here stressing over it and probably will all night!! Man I'm so sick of them. I know of nurses that got extra time for not turning in their employer report so that makes me nervous!! And a little pissed too bc I DID DO IT!! How is it my fault that the person that opened the package didnt pay attention that there were 2 envelopes in it? I really hope I'm stressing fir nothing guess well see....
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  3. by   catsmeow1972
    Back when I got my 'settlement offer' from the BON which involved reporting myself to IPN (which I had long since done, like over a year ago and was long since stapled into a contract ) I signed it on which was yet another useful (cough, cough, gag) piece of advice from IPN and included a letter than stated that I had long since self reported, etc, etc. That letter was completely ignored and I might as well have used the paper I printed it on for a trip to the facilities for all the good it did.
    I don't think anybody actually reads any of the junk we send them, to be honest.
  4. by   Nurse8204
    I totally agree. We have to fill out an entire form for every meeting we go to which asks...what was the topic...what applies to you ....and what did u learn... I'm pretty sure they don't read it. I figure all they do is count the number of pages u send in and throw it in ur file. So my # is 26. I'm required to 2 mtgs per wk. Thays 104 per year which is 26 per quarter. So that's how many they get. Every 3 months 26 pages + my personal report.
  5. by   catsmeow1972
    Do your quarterly 26+ pages include the "Paperwork Reduction Act Statment' stating that this information meets the requirements of 44USC §3507, as amended by Section 2 of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995?
  6. by   Nurse8204
    Dang!!! That's a good one!! They won't allow me to take my medication prescribed to me by a psychiatrist since I was a kid for ADHD. So for the first couple years i sent in research paperwork on the dangers of nurses with ADHD practicing without proper treatment. I gave that up my last year incase someone decided to actually pay attention to what i was sending with my personal report.
  7. by   malamud69
    Hah! I love this..."actually pay attention to what was in Q report"...I know they have not yet once read anything in any of my Q reports from my psych or work They ask me what was written!!! If it wasn't terrifying I'd be busting out loud over the rank incompetence
  8. by   Nurse8204
    I check my license online about 70 times per day, waiting for it to change from "probation" to "active!" It feels like this is taking FOREVER!! Why does this state board have to be so dang secretive about EVERYTHING? They never give you any info about what's going on. They just say when it's done you will be notified!! Ugh!!
  9. by   Nurse8204
    Still waiting!! Everyday feels like a year. Have no idea when I will get my letter. I keep checking online like every 5 minutes bc I figure it will change there before I get my letter! Ugh! I'm so impatient! It's kinda driving me mad. (Along w everyone around me)