1. Hi everyone. I live in Texas and I have been a nurse for four years, same hospital. I recently was asked to have a drug test, and I knew it would be positive so I admitted to drug diversion and use. I self reported this information to both TPAPN and the board. No prior history, no problems. Does anyone know if the board will agree to a ordered TPAPN? Or are they likely to just revoke my license?

    My issue with substance use revolves around my mental state. I have a history of anxiety and depression and recent events just made me spin out. I don't have a continuous physical dependence, but will use what is available to me when I need it. First time for drug diversion, though.

    Stupid, I know. I want help though.
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  4. by   Big Blondie
    The board will likely order you to go through TPAPN. Just enroll in TPAPN and when the board gets around to you you can inform them you area in TPAPN. It's going to be ok. Right now focus on doing all the things TPAPN tells you to do. You can do this.
  5. by   Scared-RN
    Thank you. I have put myself in this mess and it has been the worst week ever. I have been reading these posts over and over just praying the whole time. I have no idea how I am going to do this. What's worse is that I'm in my last semester of my MSN Nursing Education, and now I don't think I will ever get the chance to use it!

    My drug test hasn't come back yet, so I am still waiting to hear about my job. I have spoken with HR and it is possible I can be put on leave to get evaluated and treated so I can continue to pay for my insurance and get some help with all these costs......
  6. by   Recovering_RN
    I don't think your drug test result will change things either way since you've already admitted to diversion. You're going to lose your job. Now if they hold it for you, while you get treatment, that is AWESOME! And very unusual. I had a friend who was told exactly that, by her manager, but a week later HR got involved and that offer was revoked. So don't hold your breath, but if it happens, be very grateful!

    Regarding your MSN, well, you're darn lucky you haven't finished and gotten your NP license yet because TPAPN is 5 years for NPs, rather than 3 years for RNs, so that's lucky. If you complete your 3 years in TPAPN, your record will be clear and you shouldn't have any problem getting your NP after that, but I don't have any personal experience with that so you'll have to verify that!
  7. by   Scared-RN
    My MS is for Nursing I could be a nurse educator, instructor, etc.... but I am not getting my NP. I suppose I could work in education in a hospital or something, but really not sure. I spoke directly to HR regarding my job. They aren't promising anything but they are considering. Fingers crossed!
  8. by   Kel65
    You are probably not going to be allowed to work until TPAPN says so and that will be after whatever treatment they order you to complete. Non work related abuse issues tend to get outpatient. It seems everyone in my group that had diverted got inpatient treatment. TPAPN will have to approve your job choice and it must meet their restrictions. Good Luck.
  9. by   TAE, RN
    I am on TPAPN currently for diverting. It is a longgg and arduous process, but worth it. Unfortunately, without a doubt you will probably lose your job. If you are in TPAPN, you cannot work at any job until you are given approval by your assigned TPAPN case manager. This case manager has to approve the job site as well as your position and role at that job. You are also NOT allowed administer narcotics, witness wastage, count narcotics, or have any access to narcotics what-so-ever for first 6 months of being employed at the APPROVED place of employment. You have to check in with TPAPN every single day via telephone or online and be able to submit to random drug testing at any given time. Also, you have to do 90 AA / NA meetings in 90 days and then 4 meetings per week after that. TPAPN also made me get a chemical dependency evaluation from a Psychiatrist that cost me $1500. This is a long and tedious process but it is worth it to keep your license that you worked so hard for. For me, I am greatful for TPAPN because it honestly truly helps my sobriety and recovery. Good luck to you.
  10. by   Kel65
    And get ready to be drained financially. Third year here, called for my third drug test in 11 days. See, I went almost a month between tests in April and May so it is hit me hard this month time. But what's 170 bucks.
  11. by   Scared-RN
    Did you have to do inpatient treatment?
  12. by   Kel65
    No, I was referred to TPAPN by a new nurse manager for
    suspicion of alcohol issues because he saw me take a couple shots at a bar. I was on my two days off in a row when that occurred. When I went to work my next shift he demanded a drug test which I refused because I was outraged and stupid. He was fired shortly after as he went on a witch Hunt and falsely accused others of marijuana use.
    When you get rolled up into having to do the assessment, believe me you are going to do some time. I was diagnosed with a mild developing alcohol problem. Told by the person that did the assessment that I really didn't qualify and really didn't need monitoring but I was stuck with it. I got six weeks out patient. 6 months of one time per week after care. I actually did 12 weeks outpatient in a program not endorsed by them but allowed by my CM. Got the ok to work the day I was discharged.
  13. by   Scared-RN
    TAE, did you have to do inpatient treatment?
  14. by   Scared-RN
    Can anyone tell me what all is involved in the addiction evaluation?
  15. by   Recovering_RN
    Quote from Scared-RN
    Can anyone tell me what all is involved in the addiction evaluation?
    Some people end up having multi day evaluations but mine was one day, about 4 hours, consisting of 3 or 4 very long (100-300 question) multiple choice tests. The tests were "graded" by machine, I assume, because he had results during that same appointment, and the second part of the evaluation was him reviewing the results of my tests (without telling me anything though) and just talking to me, for maybe 30 minutes. The talk was about why I was there, my relationships with my kids, husband, other family, my childhood, siblings etc.

    The tests were like those personality tests that ask the same questions a lot of different ways. About what you like, what annoys you, scenarios are given and you say which thoughts or actions you'd probably have/do. He then sent a summary with his evaluation and recommendations to TPAPN.