The First Day of the Rest of My Life

  1. [font="arial"]i think john denver has a point here. i thought i would share this with everyone. i read it and had a feeling deep down, surely he's talking about me, right? he's talking about all of us. recovery is not easy, but it gives us new life. new life that we would never have without recovery.

    [font="tahoma"]today is the first day
    of the rest of my life.
    i wake as a child
    to see the world begin.

    on monarch wings
    and birthday wonderings.
    want to put on faces.
    walk in the wet and cold.
    and look forward to my growing old.
    to grow is to change.
    to change is to be new.
    to be new is to be young again.
    i barely remember when
    my memories are stolen by the morning.
    blotted out by the suns hypnotic eye.

    today is the first day
    of the rest of my life.
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  3. by   southernbeegirl
    i love it!
  4. by   NeedchangeofPace
    Magsulfate good stuff.
    My most very favorite song line is by Huey Lewis and The News.

    Jacobs Ladder:

    All I want from tommorrow is to get it better than today
    Step by step, rung by rung climbing Jacobs ladder.

    If you live in Bahston its

    If you live in NYC it's

    If you live anywhere else its

    PS I just got my Acceptance Letter today to get my pre-reqs done!!!
  5. by   jackstem
    Good stuff Mag!!!!