Texas BON - proof of inpatient

  1. As part of my stipulations with the BON for an arrest for obtaining a controlled substance by fraud I had to do an inpatient. I have my certificate of completion from the facility. Is that enough proof for the BON? I dont want to sign anything giving them access to my medical records because I dont believe they need to know all my business. Just that I completed my 30 day inpatient treatment.
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  3. by   HunnieBadger
    Good luck, NCBON has all access to my files, had to sign one if I wanted to be in the program. I don't agree but want my license back without being marked for life!
  4. by   nowim clean
    Same here want do you want the worst your medical records or to be a nurse. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. You are facing the BON, you like me are not here because of good behavior. The program will be much easier if you quit fighting it at every turnand focus on getting well, finding a job completing the program and getting on with your life.
  5. by   HunnieBadger
    Laura it's part of the healing process, surrendering your will, control and gaining humility. Besides if you have nothing to hide them who cares, they are still bound by privacy! best wishes!
  6. by   remmsyaya
    Well I hired an attorney out of Dallas, #1 because this was 7 years ago and I just hid my head in the sand and never bothered with doing anything about it. She said her letter of representation and the certificate of completion is all they will need. I also have 2 years of documented AA. She also feels being that I got addicted to pain pills because I had just undergone major surgeries for Cancer and we have all that proof and proof I was on legal pain pills for over a year that will help in the fight to get my order modified. She thinks we can get it to one year supervised. I just paid her $5000 and now praying for good news.
  7. by   Meriwhen
    I'm not familiar with the TX BON and recovery so I can't tell you if that certificate is good enough.

    As far as the BON having access to all of your inpatient information...on the ROI form, you can limit what information they can access--it's not an all or nothing matter. You can allow the hospital to disclose to the BON your dates of attendance and discharge summary (or whatever you feel is pertinent for the BON to know) and nothing more than that.

    Hope this helps.
  8. by   remmsyaya
    Thanks for the replies. It turns out because its been 7 years they no longer even had the records and just had to write a letter stating such. Thankfully I kept my certificate of completion or i'd be in big trouble.