Supervision while working in Plasma collection center.

  1. Hello all! I have been in a monitoring program for 1 1/2 years of a 5 year contract. I have been told dialysis is the way to go but have interviewed at multiple Davita centers and have been shot down due to only one RN on staff in center and my contract requires supervision for the first 3 years. Now I have an interview at a plasma center tomorrow morning and with a heavy heart I am afraid this will be the same outcome as my dialysis center experience. Has anyone here worked in a plasma center and if so how many RN's are kept on staff at a given time throughout the day?
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  3. by   Recovering_RN
    I have not worked in a place like this, but I did work as the only RN at a free standing ER. I was night shift so my manager was not there. My case manager agreed to allow the doc who was working with me to act as "supervisor", since on nights we only have one nurse, one doc, one tech and one radiology tech. I work with different docs every shift, but they allowed all the docs to be considered my "supervisor". I think as long as there is somebody around that is aware that you are in monitoring, that's all they want. So maybe this would be something to bring up to your case manager prior to your interview? Is there someone who's there all the time, that could be informed of your monitoring contract and act as supervisor? I was in TPAPN (Texas).
  4. by   svetlana36
    Thanks for your input. I think I waited too long as the interview is tomorrow morning, as far as contacting my case manager. I applied to this job because these centers are considered "recovery" friendly. We have even been sent recruitment emails from another plasma center through affinity at one point in time so I guess I am just confused on the whole supervision issue. I am just going to go to the interview focus on selling myself and if it turns out supervision is an issue then it is what is. I am so sick of interviewing!!!!
  5. by   Recovering_RN
    Well if they are recovery friendly, then they should have some experience to offer in how they dealt with other monitored nurses. My first job in monitoring was a home health agency that already had one TPAPN nurse, so they knew more than I did about the requirements and paperwork required by TPAPN! So maybe even if the particular location you're interviewing with hasn't dealt with a monitored nurse, they may have affiliate locations they can contact that have and can offer guidance on how they've managed the requirements.
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    Only way to find out is to go and talk to them. I am hopeful.
  7. by   Big Blondie
    I too have been supervised by an MD my entire contract.
  8. by   svetlana36
    For those who are also wondering this particular plasma donation center company is actually seeking out nurses in a recovery program, but I am still unsure about supervision. The center director is going to be contacting the monitoring program to see if it is possible. I will update when I know for sure.