Scholarships for nurses in recovery?

  1. Now that Ive made it through my addiction, made it through my consent agreement with the state board, earned my LPN license back and started working again...whew! now I'm ready to do the LPN to RN bridge program. Does anybody know of links or sites I can go to for nurses who are returning to school who are in recovery? Or should I not even mention my recovery when applying for scholarships? I think its a huge accomplishment that us nurses go through to get back what we lost and I think there may be communities out there that support us academically...but who are they and where?
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  3. by   kesweatt
    Just wanted to congradulate you on an amazing accomplisment!!
  4. by   ixchel
    Last fall, I was researching scholarships and found one labeled as a minority scholarship. When I read what that meant, it literally listed every ethnic/racial minority imaginable, and men. So basically white females were the only ones barred from that scholarship. lol

    I mention that because frankly, I think there is a scholarship out there for everything. I say google all combinations of words related, find message boards for addictions recovery and ask there, and don't stop until you're certain you haven't missed anything.

    If your length of sobriety can be measured in years, using your path back to success as an introduction to scholarship committees may inspire them to notice you and seriously consider you. However, if your sobriety can be measured in months, I would suggest not mentioning it because you do not want it to be a strike against you.

    Recovery is a lifelong battle. My mom has struggled with it for almost 2 decades, with one relapse around 15 years ago. The amount of strength and commitment you have had to get this far is amazing! Congratulations on your progress, and I wish you luck in your search!
  5. by   VivaLasViejas
    I can't imagine that there wouldn't be a scholarship somewhere out there for students in recovery. You could try Googling some of the more well-known addiction treatment foundations, such as Hazelden or Betty Ford, and do a little research to see if they have grants/scholarships.....otherwise I don't really know, I never thought about checking into that when I was a student. (Probably should have, as I'm a recovering alcoholic with 20 years, four months, and nineteen days' sobriety, and I was still in early recovery back then. )

    Let me congratulate you on fighting your way back!! You've accomplished something that many never do, and you've got every reason to be proud of yourself. I wish you the best of luck in moving forward!
  6. by   gr8fulnrs
    Thankyou all very much! Off I go...research time! Will let you all know what I find!
  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    Had any luck yet?
  8. by   gr8fulnrs
    Yes indeed. there is quite a plethora of recovery type scholarships; Hazeldon - Betty Ford, Hope for addiction - The welcome back scholarship, and many more. I'm thinking about taking a class regarding how to write scholarship letters. I dont want to come across as desperate and needy but more like this is what I can bring to the table type of letter. There is a $250,000 Tylenol scholarship out there to be had. That would be a dream come true. I have had many dreams come true thus far in my recovery so I believe anything is possible!!!