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Hello, I have been reading a lot of posts of different situations of returning to work after your license has been suspended. I worked as a LPN for nine months before my license was suspended... Read More

  1. by   snoah
    So a lot has gone on lately.. I have had a phone interview in which I did not mention my suspension, or restriction. And guess what I have two in person interviews this week. Unreal, I am however going to be honest in both interviews and tell them my story. This is good to know though, I think its going to be a lot different telling someone in person compared to over the phone. I will keep you all updated. !
  2. by   Meriwhen
    I wish you the best of luck with your interview.

    IMO, I would also bring in any reference letters that you can get from people who have witnessed your recovery: sponsors, community leaders, employers/coworkers even if not in a nursing/healthcare field. Perhaps their seeing other people testify to your character and recovery may help.
  3. by   snoah
    Thank you for that advice! That actually sounds like a wonderful idea I appreciate it!
  4. by   snoah
    So here is my update. Both interviews went well last week. At least I thought they did. I was honest and open about my past, and that I am sober, and have taken the steps to be back in the nursing field. I still have not actually heard anything from wither position. However there is an online application process that you are able to view. And there is is clear as day NOT SELECTED FOR POSITION. I feel horrible, and judged. I am not sure if I even want to continue on in this field. I think that I may need to open myself up to doing something else with my life. I guess the most difficult part about it all is that I am a single mom, so between barely being able to support myself and my son how am I ever going to find the time to go back to school. On the bright side I did have a wonderful interview for a scheduling center, so hopefully everything will work out with that so I can at least be making more than minimum wage. Thanks to anyone who listened to my vent!! I also know in my heart that God has a plan for me, and I just have to trust that he is going to guide me in the right direction.
  5. by   KaseyJo
    I'm sorry that you're having such a hard time but I do feel that you are doing EVERYTHING you need to be doing. You are not alone in this. I am scared for myself as well. I am here if you need to vent. I tried looking at other options for you in the Twin Cities area but I wasn't able to find much since I am not familiar with LPN positions. I apologize. Let me know if you need to talk. I've been feeling very defeated lately as well and even though I am married, he does not understand how I feel. So, talking would be helpful for me too. I have to have faith that things will be okay for us. They will be.
  6. by   Larvstar
    Im am an RN in Minnesota and just lost my job. I am also involved in HPSP and am worried that even without a suspended license or legal issues, that finding another job while enrolled in this program, is going to be difficult to say the least. I know that this enrollment is far superior to board discipline, but I think that unemployment is just one more brick to add to an addict's already crumbling foundation.
  7. by   TXRN2
    Larvstar- do not give up hope! yes, it may seem like now that your foundation is crumbling. and it is- but that is your flawed & weak foundation. you are just beginning to rebuild a strong & mighty foundation for your life based upon sobriety, truth, honesty, willingness, courage, faith- all the result of recovery & regrowth. many of us here have found jobs while in a monitoring program. it's not easy, to be sure, but it can be done. just keep doing the next right thing in front of you, one step at at time- & don't ever give up!
  8. by   Toastedpeanut
    I'm sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you have any updates for us? Did you find work as a nurse, or choose a different route? I hope all is well!