oklahoma peer employment

  1. I am searching for employers in Oklahoma that are peer friendly and will hire. Any information is appreciated thanks
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  3. by   TriciaJ
    I have no idea what "peer friendly" means. I have not heard that term before. Is there anything else it is called so we might help you?
  4. by   Nathan08T
    Ummm... It means they have other nurses employed that are in the peer program. Some hospitals don't hire any nurse in the peer program.
  5. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I don't know anything about Oklahoma but here in Pennsylvania long term care / nursing homes and dialysis providers seem to be big employers of nurses in monitoring programs
  6. by   noctanol
    Apply everywhere, this whole deal of "hospitals don't hire" is pure nonesense, trust me. They do hire, depends on how desperate they are, if they've been burnt before by a nurse that was on a monitoring program that went back to their old ways, also some nurse managers used to be on monitoring programs so they know what the deal is and will hire you. Apply everywhere. The worst they will say is NO. I know of 4 nurses from here (all nurses) who work at hospitals that "don't hire." As for exact places that hire, you will be hard pressed to get an answer over here. If you haven't applied to DaVita then try them. Unfortunately they are like McDonald's, whether you are hired or not will depend on the FA (facility administrator). Some of them don't want "drug addicts" in their facilities. Good luck from Texas!!!!!
  7. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Good advice a new nurse to the program got hired to a hospital weekend float pool position