1. Ok.. So I have done a total of 5 drug tests... everything has been grand, all negative. Until this one. I don't know why. I did have to take an antibiotic for a UTI. I mean.. I think I tested about a week after I was done. I wouldn't think I would test positive for anything.. I didn't even think to fax them the prescription. Which If I can remember correctly it was Keflex. I was googling it and it said possibly cocaine. Idk. I am freaking out. The other thing, I tested after I left the gym, but only made had 1 water bottle. Maybe not even that. How much trouble am I in?!?!?!?!

    - I also emailed the leader of the CANDO program as I have emailed her in the past and asked how I need to correct this. I also just started a new job. I don't want to mess anything up. I am so scared.
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  3. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    You shouldn't be in any trouble at all but that doesn't mean your not. So far you haven't tested positive for anything & if you do you have a plausible explanation. As far as not peeing enough well that shouldn't be a hanging offense
  4. by   Stepper
    I would go ahead and have your MD complete required documentation (or submit required documentation) Keflex script, date of MD appt ect.
  5. by   JxoRN
    This one i took on 2/16 came back positive. I have called the cando program, their voicemails are full. I have called the lab, they cant give me information, and I have called Recovery Trek (which is who does my monitoring) they said for me to contact Cando. I emailed the last night, they read my message, but no reply. I am panicking.
  6. by   JxoRN
    I got the prescription through Walmart. I was going to just fax it over to them. I am just freaking out, and NO ONE calls me back. Like hello?!
  7. by   Recovering_RN
    Quote from JxoRN
    I got the prescription through Walmart. I was going to just fax it over to them. I am just freaking out, and NO ONE calls me back. Like hello?!
    Yeah it's like they don't care that they hold our lives in their hands! It may be that they are intentionally not returning your calls because whatever popped positive now needs to be verified with the second sample and they don't want to say anything if they don't really have an answer yet. A good case manager would tell you exactly that, of course, but some people are probably more hesitant to deal with possible freak outs when they know the results are not yet final.

    Just try to calm down (yeah right, not possible) and realize that there is really nothing you can do right now until you find out what the problem is. Do go ahead and get the prescription ready to fax, I know with Walmart you can go online and get all your prescription history.

    Good luck and let us know what happens. We are all in fear of the false positive!!
  8. by   JxoRN
    I will for sure. I have my amazing IOP class.. that awesome outpatient rehab I have to attend at 4. So I need to get a move on, I stand here in front of my computer refreshing my email and logging on my recovery trek to see if anyone has the decency to write me back. Ill Its like seriously I didn't do anything, I've been sober frickin sally.
  9. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Yep I'd be freaking out. I had a false positive and they tried to sweat a confession outta med for something I never took. Miserable experience that left me anxious and fearful. Maintain your wits and don't back down
  10. by   JxoRN
    So.. No one has called me back. I have messaged them, emailed them... No one calls me. ***... I'm sorry.. but if this is a positive drug test, why aren't they contacting me? Also.. is that why it took 9 almost 10 days to post on my account. Does that mean they retested it? or did the 2nd test they all say they can do?
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  11. by   berdeenbird
    I was very sick a couple months ago (no narcotic scripts, just cold meds) and took a test and it took nearly two weeks to post positive. I think they test the other half of the split specimen in these situations. My case manager was fairly quick to respond (day or two) and said it was positive for something I have no script for. She WOULD NOT tell me what it was. I had a panic attack at the kitchen table, sobbed, and flipped out. Researching what cold meds can look like, steroids, albuterol, antibiotics...I resent her ALL the docs notes/scripts for the SECOND time, sent all of that to the lab as well, and requested an MRO. I reiterated that I had been to the doc and was on this/that. I got NOTHING from her. This was right before new years so the MRO doc couldn't get ahold of me till after the new year. It was canceled when someone finally bothered to look at the scripts i was on while sick with pneumonia after the holiday. I spent weeks in pure hell, sick as a dog, miserable, sobbing mess. Everyone I talked to doesn't get it, you are guilty until proven innocent and they are just so smug when something like this happens. They believe this program is there to help the impaired nurse guide them, that these people can think rationally.. NO!

    She didn't do her job and put me through freaking hell for NOTHING. I hate this all so much. I wish I would have surrendered my license rather than push through this nightmare ********.

    Sorry for the rant. JxoRN, you have my sympathy and true understanding of this purgatory we are in. There is nothing you can do other than wait. Verify that they have the information and request an MRO.
  12. by   berdeenbird
    I would like to add that the response I got was "no further information is needed" No explanation, no lab error/paperwork error, no words of wisdom/info for next time.. I asked twice after this hellish nightmare what could be done differently. "nothing further is needed" what the ****!!!!!

    Can you tell I am bitter??
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  13. by   Kel65
    Been through false positive scare twice but it was ethanol positive for Trace.Both were ruled negative when ETG's were done and were negative. I feel for you tremendously. Hang in there let us know what happens.
  14. by   JxoRN
    I was honestly thinking that earlier... I wish I would just let them post what I did and move on. Idk. Also, I just started a new job. I haven't told them about it yet, I just started Monday I know I need to. Its nothing to do with bedside nursing. Its Laser hair removal and facial injections, which I have done in the past. The company I am working for knows about my situation and are fine with it. Do I still need to inform them of my job even if I am doing nothing with like narcotics?