1. Does anyone know what drug panel O-792074 is for affinity?
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  3. by   catsmeow1972
    You too huh? I don't care what it is. I'm just pissed that it cost so **** much and for what ******** reason. May notice an increase in testing....yeah whatever.....someone not hitting thier profit goals this quarter or something.
  4. by   Scollins2
    I agree
  5. by   Scollins2
    How long did it take before your results came in?
  6. by   catsmeow1972
    Still hasn't. Like 8 or 9 days now. Last time they sprung this BS, it was took nearly 2 weeks. I'm not doing anything other than counting down the days until the end of this mindgame from hades so it's not like I'm worried. It's just the $$$ and the fear of the fact that they lay our entire being on some stupid test for who-knows-what for no explicable reason other than just because they can.
  7. by   Scollins2
    I know, I tested on the 10th and it still says no-result
  8. by   RN0904
    Same here! I had a different UDS than I have had before, also on the 10th, and more expensive....no results yet! Frustrating!
  9. by   catsmeow1972
    8th here, still waiting.
  10. by   Scollins2
    Does yours also say no-results?
  11. by   Scollins2
    what does it say under results?
  12. by   RN0904
    Mine doesn't say anything..for me, nothing (date,COC#) shows up until it's resulted.
  13. by   Scollins2
    Mine says COC# reported (because it was not automated, they filled out my COC by hand) and then it says no-results
  14. by   Scollins2
    Any word on your results???