New to Recovery program and not good news

  1. So I'm new into the program, maybe two to three weeks, I've had one drugs test 2 weeks ago on a Thursday before Presidents' Day. We had drinks on New Years. Then my husband and I had A weekend getaway with the kids this past weekend, we had an amazing dinner, hotel and wine. We had a few. It's been a hard year for all of us. Between my medical issues and my husband and becoming disconnected we needed this. I'm sure I'll have a drug test tomorrow and I'm sure if I get Tested for the longer etho use it will show up, so what happens now in the state of SC. I've not even met with the investigator yet and was made to go into this program without a diagnosis. I hate That I made the mistake but it finally wasn't lingering over me and I was Able to relax with my husband which we haven't done in years. What will happen to me?? Any and all advised would be appreciated. Thank you
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  3. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I don't know. First of all you don't know that you will fail this test. Depending on how much you drank and when you must take the test you may pass. However, if you do fail the test if you were here you would get the full compliment of BS for the full amount of time. I pray this doesn't happen to you. I'm not from SC but Pa so maybe its different there. Here you would get some level of rehab inpatient or IOP at the very least. You wouldn't be able to function as a nurse until that was done and you completed 90 meetings in 90 days. Following that you may be released to work with restrictions and have to do weekly nurse support meetings and 12 step meetings and testing. I just got released to work in the ER this past week and have been in the program since last October. I'm praying that this doesn't happen to good as there is nothing good down this road
  4. by   Beazy
    I just don't know if I should Go ahead and let them know that I've made a mistake, I'm sure I will Fail. We had a bottle of wine and a beer or two, which we never do. But it doesn't matter. I just Completely forgot and was enjoying the moment with my husband but rules are rules and I've made the mistake. Do you think I should go ahead and report?
  5. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    I wouldn't but that's me. In my experience you get nailed the same either way. Do you KNOW you have a test tomorrow? When is the last time you drank? Do you have a lawyer on retainer if so call him ASAP!!!
  6. by   Nursebry91
    I would NOT tell them. You don't know for certain that you will get tested. Take a deep breath. If you do get tested, it may not be the one that test for alcohol. I'm also new to the program and I'm in SC. I don't know the consequences for positive alcohol. I almost used mouth wash this morning and thankfully stopped myself. Still learning
  7. by   Beazy
    Quote from Nursebry91
    I would NOT tell them. You don't know for certain that you will get tested. Take a deep breath. If you do get tested, it may not be the one that test for alcohol. I'm also new to the program and I'm in SC. I don't know the consequences for positive alcohol. I almost used mouth wash this morning and thankfully stopped myself. Still learning

    I dont Know for sure when I test It's random. Last time I tested Was one week and one day ago
  8. by   Beazy
    I do Have a lawyer and have emailed them.
  9. by   hppygr8ful
    I absolutely would not fall on my sword and tell. But that's just me. I've been done with this business for several years but hang around as a source of support for my fellow travelers. Still rules are rules and the program is what it is. Total abstinence means just that and it's not something you just forget. You have to wrap your mind around this fact if you are going to succeed. Depending on your program you may not be allowed to drink for anywhere from 1 to 5 years. In my case it was 5 years and I didn't slip once. I had a couple of false positive Etg's but those turned out to be incidental exposure. Don't get me wrong I was sorely tempted many times once while on vacation with my husband at a wild animal park where the owner broke out some African Cigars and beer. I had actually been given an exemption from testing for that vacation as we were a hundred miles from any testing site - so I probably could have got away with it but it just wasn't worth the risk to me. There's no guarantee you will be tested tomorrow or the next day. If you pop positive be prepared with an explanation. Most of all be humble and contrite (They love that) but be warned they can use this slip as evidence of Alcohol abuse disorder and remand you into in-patient treatment. If they do that you'll have no choice but to go if you want to save your license to practice. As hellish as rehab can be for an addict/alcoholic it's even worse for someone who doesn't belong there.

    Resolve today that you will not drink again until this nightmare is over.

    Good luck

  10. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    OK so check the test first thing tomorrow & do the math. I've only had one PETH test and its for blood. I also don't think PETH picks up just a few drinks with any certainty but it looks for a "binge" over a three week period or sustained drinking. ETG is 80 hours as I understand. Its possible they won't test you over the next couple days. Listen in these programs you have to live a paranoid existence. These people aren't trying to help you. Its not like a real recovery where you come clean to your counselor and support group and everybody circles the wagons around you and offer support. Give them an excuse and they will try to crush you under the weight of over-punishment and extreme BS. If you get lucky (and that's what it will be) don't make this mistake again for your sake. If you don't brace yourself for a giant whirlwind of BS that nobody needs
  11. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Hppy you are completely correct. I've been in jail and in rehab. I much prefer jail. Of course I was three months sober when they sent me to inpatient. Truthfully faced with inpatient again I'd probably surrender my license. I had one of those sham treatment chapters in my life I don't think I could do another
  12. by   Beazy
    Thank hppygr8ful, I totally Did forget, I need To remind myself but it was honestly the first night alone with no kids and I truly forgot I had this hanging over my head. It's my fault truly. I didnt Get picked to test today but could tomorrow. Who knows. I will Keep this to myself and give an honest and humble explanation. I truly don't have a problem but was so relaxed with my husband. I've lost over 15 lbs in two weeks just from stress over this, and at dinner I was Finally able to eat a full meal and not worry. Thank you so much for supporting. And right now I'm only in for a year. Stupid thing is, they didn't have a diagnosis for me but are still requiring me to do a year
  13. by   Beazy
    Thank you, I'm sure with how little I do Drink, I would Pop positive because we just don't drink that much. It is what it is. I just Pray I dont Have to suffer the consequences even though it was my fault. I will Take full responsibility and you are so right, it's not a support group, it's a punishment and just making you check in for drug testing. They give no support to professionals that actually need help or therapy. I feel For those who truly have addiction problems.
  14. by   Beazy
    I will resolve today not to make that mistake again. Also they are wanting me to come off medications I've been on for 20 years. Does anyone know how long I have To ween off that med?