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  1. I currently have a suspended Fl license but am eligable to apply for reinstatement. My license was suspended in 2006, i had a + uds at work self reported to ipn did 30 day inpatient, relapsed, revaluated and sent to six mo treatment program which unfortunately i did not complete for various reasons, when i left rehab i moved back home to Mass to have support from my family and "true friends". I continued with my program and am proud to say that i have been clean and sober coming up on five years now. When i left rehab ipn informed the bon, i had not yet signed contract with ipn. The bon sent me notification that my license would be suspended for 2yrs and that i would have to pay fine, have a MMPI, and 2yrs continuous sobriety in order to apply for reinstatement. I am now thinking about beginning this process. My concern is though I have been clean i have no physical proof. I tried to get into the SARP here in Ma but you had to have a Ma license. I have excellent references here from 2 jobs I've held for the last 4 years, one of which is a non medical homecare for the elderly. They drug test upon hire and reserve the right to randomly test if they have suspicion so i've never been tested since. Any suggestion would be appriciated. Also I'm thinking of applying for cna position but can i work as a cna with a suspended RN license. My thought is this would be a good place to start to get my feet wet and establish myself. So I thank you all for taking the time to read this and offer your thoughts. It helps to know that I'm not alone!!!!!
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  3. by   SWS RN
    Congratulations on your sobriety!!!!and Welcome!!!! You certainly are not alone.

    As far as advice goes, I would have to say that you should contact an RN-attorney to ask the question regarding work as a CNA.
    It would be a good place to begin over and you could test the waters by being around "the triggers" again.

    I am in Fl's IPN. They don't fool around....but I think that they may be able to advise you on how to become licensed again...I am certain that the state will require you to sign a contract so you probably should self report when you are ready. The IPN and the state looks more favorably on that rather than being turned in by the state board.

    Just be prepared to jump through hoops. It can be done. I have a friend in IPN that was suspended for several years, he went through treatment, got some time under his belt and was granted a license again. He did, however, have to take a nursing refresher course. He said that it was a great experience.

  4. by   exnursie
    I would contact the state BON and specifically ask what is needed to show sobriety. I suspect there is no concrete answer and would gather whatever you can to support your recovery, including meeting attendance, letters from sponsor, employers, pastor, MD, and fellow nurse clleagues. If you have continued with counseling or have discussed this with MD's get their statements. Also, begin random testing on your own, and attend meetings for health professionals...

    It would be worthwhile to consult with an experienced HC lawyer to get an idea what is needed, and it is also a good idea to attend a BON meeting to hear what they say to others.

    I do need to mention to you the probability of being on the OIG exclusion list, and if so, the restriction to work in 99% of any health care job, regardless of the position. You can self query on this link
  5. by   SWS RN
    I believe that the OIG list is exclusive to any facility or agency that receives Medicare or Medicaid funding.
    I was on the list-and able to have my name removed within 4 months of finding out. That is another story. I petitioned the office of the inspector g and spoke almost daily with the lead counsel.
    While on the list (I did not know I was on it for years) I worked for the State of Fl. as a RN in the school system. It wasn't an issue.
    The list was set up to protect against medicare fraud. But yes, it does restrict where you can work.
  6. by   michigooseBSN
    I'm wondering if talking to someone in the SARP program would help you find out what you need to do to get licensed in MA. Once you have your MA license, you may be required to be in the SARP program. If so, be glad. SARP saved my life and I always found them to be helpful and non-punitive. Good luck.
  7. by   lapatsox
    Thanks for your suggestions and info about OIG I had never even heard about that but i did the self query and im not on it yippie!!!!
  8. by   bucksnut1981
    I know in OHIo, while my license were suspended I was allowed to work as a nurse aid. I just asked the board about it and they said yes. It was a truly humbling experience though after working 5 years as an rn and then goinig back to aide work. But that fact did look impressive on interviews, the ability to humble myself. Although it didn't help me get a job, d/t the narc rescritions.
  9. by   bitter
    Anyone with experience getting Narcotic restriction lifted while in SARP in MASS.
    I self-reported after getting suspended at work for showing up hung over and positive.

    On a side note I requested time off to deal with a problem six months before it happened. Was scheduled six months ahead of time with patients and no vacation for a year. How preventable was This?!!

    I had a positive breath test for alcohol. I have no narc hx and have recommendations to lift it but they want me to work as a nurse for six months before they do. So...since i am already licensed in mass the SARP intake individual related they would probably accept me since I am doing well in PA.

    So, are there any experiences out there?
  10. by   Angelica d
    So you were working while on the list but you didn't know
  11. by   laureninpvb
    I'm not sure how all this works! I want to ask if there are any narcotic restriction friendly hospitals in Gainesville,Fl