Last Chance Agreement

  1. Hey!
    Just a quick question....Back in Novemeber I was having some trouble w/ alcohol and I chose to go to a 4 week outpatient rehab to get things in check. I told my boss and HR and had to sign a last chance/back to work agreement. Anyway, I was non-drinker for 3 months, but AA wasn't for me. I started therapy and have since learned a lot about my past issues and am pretty confindent that I'm ok. But I have drank. I went to a party w/ the some co-workers and drank w/ them. I'm now freaking out that they'll talk about it at work and it'll get back to my boss. (Only 2 know what happened) I'm pretty sure drinking at all is grounds for firing, even if it isn't work related.
    Anyone have any experience w/ this? If I did get in trouble/fired, would it carry w/ me forever? BON not involved at all.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    You have relapsed. If your employer finds out the BON may get involved, if HR notifies them. Beyond that, we can't answer this question because it involves legalities.

    BTW......people who quit going to AA/NA early in recovery have a high rate of relapse.
  4. by   Shell5
    It sounds like you are more worried about getting in trouble than you are your own self. I am a little concerned about you as a person from your post. No one goes to AA because they want to or really enjoy going. Most people go because it is helping them stay sober. I do wish you luck. Remember if you do go to another meeting to listen for the similarities not the differences. When I first went to AA when I was 18 I judged everyone as being old and drunk. I never realized over a decade later I would stumble back in the doors beaten down from alcohol a different person because I thought I was different and refused to believe any of what they said would happen to me because I was not like them, so I thought. You may or may not be, but you are the only one who can honestly answer that question.
  5. by   zoo4uRN
    Hi PookRN-

    Best to check the agreement you signed with your employer. It should guide you as to what your employers specific expections are, consequences for breaking the contract, and the duration of the contract.

    Concerning the decision to drink after outpt treatment, it might be wise to discuss it with your therapist. At 3 months sober, you may not have given yourself enough time to make a good choice about drinking.

    I would not be surprised to learn that your employer had concerns, if they find out that you are drinking again so soon after treatment. Folks who aren't problem drinkers don't have to worry about their employers finding out that they have been drinking. Folks who aren't problem drinkers also don't risk their job for a drink. You're a smart gal.............I think you know that already.

    Best of luck to you-