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:arghh: Hi everyone, just a small venting session! I have now been waiting 192 days to hear from the AZ BON about the re-issuance of my RN license. It seems foolish to be hoping for the... Read More

  1. by   Wizard 1
    Yes. This was how i handled things too. Since I knew they are a state agency, bureaucracy rules and if I want to make sure things are taken care of properly I must be the one to do it. No waiting around and hoping they would do their job and be prompt.

    Awesome on your ok to get back to ER! Woot!

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    Thanks for your kind words Still. If I need something from them I call multiple times a day. No pretense of giving two doo-doos about my case manager or polite conversation. It was the same for my return to work letter, dropping down in nurse support meetings & whatever else I needed from these caring professionals. It will be the same for anything else I need in the future. This is not a therapeutic relationship but an adversarial one. I treat it as such. They can slap the poop out of me (and they have) but I'll never pretend to respect them for it