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is anyone else having trouble with the "power freaks" at IPN ?? first the "addiction specialist" i'm sent to has someone else's case in front of him... or the case manager sent the wrong papers. ... Read More

  1. by   12hOPE
    Maybe we should write our SENATORS in-
    stead of posting, which is probably only read by the nurses which have
    signed their contracts
  2. by   luvche
    I can tell you that my supervisor at my job used to run one of the nurse support groups. This supervisor speaks on a monthly basis with nurse support group facilitators all over the state. MANY of them have expressed concern to her about the increasing power IPNs and PEER committees are wielding over the participants. They all agree it is getting to the point of BEYOND what they should be doing. Also, that there are no checks and balances to stop them .Grievances go right to the people in charge of these entities....and they are usually the ones on the committee. She says these people who are under contract to treat and follow participants are at loss on how to stop this and fix it. Really, all we can do is write the senators of our states. But (this supervisor suggested) wait until AFTER you are out of PEER/IPN. Also, my nurse support group leader says to try to sit on the committee once we are eligible. The best way to make changes is to be in the inside. Especially as someone with experience as a participant!
  3. by   SouthernPoint
    Welcome to the wonderful world of the IPN Bullies. The IPN is a great program, but it needs some major help. I have been trying to get someone in Tallahassee to look into them.

    After having been issued a 5 year contract, only after being told there was no need for any. I ended up stupidly signing the contract only after having a caseworker scare the hell out of me. Well that was a huge mistake. I had a supervisor who was out for blood. Not only with me, but with anyone and everyone who was not a brown noser. Well every time I turned around she was calling my caseworker with some of the most stupidest things. My 1st caseworker noticed this and even made a comment to me about possible harassment by my employer and that she was going to take my case to the higher ups during their next meeting. Well that didn't go very well for anyone. I ended up with a completely new caseworker. Oh well. In a little over 1 year in IPN I was yanked out of work 5 times for some really stupid things. Each time I had to get a nice $500 evaluation and miss time working. It got to the point I ended up hiring a Lawyer. Ha Ha Ha Ha. That only ****** IPN off more. I ended up getting kicked out. So, my case went to the State Board. Oh Heck. They are no better. The BON didn't care 1 bit about me. All the BON was interested in was $$$$$$$. Yep. I have to pay the BON over $6K for so called investigation fee's. I honestly have no clue who/what or when anything was investigated, but no one seems to care. I have not worked since 2009. My license was placed on hold at that time. The BON called me and my lawyer straight up liars when we told them that my license was on hold. IPN was even at the BON meeting and never once did they stand up to defend me in anything. They railroaded me. So on top of having to pay the BON $6K I am suspended for 1 year which does not start until I pay them the $$$.

    Someone in Tallahassee really needs to look into both IPN and the BON.
  4. by   klfla
    The bad impact that IPN has definitely can outweigh the good. This article has some points to consider before signing your life and license away, but it can be difficult to not sign the contract and face the BON instead.
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  5. by   lhowell4
    I totally agree with geena. I VOLUNTARILY entered into a non discipline program in Ohio because of a compliant of missing medication, at a facility I worked at. Mind you it was not a narcotic but because an investigator tol me I could possibly lose my license I wanted to do what I could to keep them. BAD IDEA contracts with BON don't help nurses at all. You pay out tons of money to do what you can to comply and ONE bad report, ONE failure to pay, ONE MISTAKE your whole entire life is turned up side down. I was never found to have substances in my system. Never tested positive for any. Never been fired for testing positive. And now all my hard work and selfless acts of kindness are in vain. I had my license permanently revoked in Ohio for non compliance with my contracr because I could no longer pay for drug screens. The Bon does not care that you have bills to pay or children to take care of. Or that employers are not willing to hire someone who MAY or MAY NOT have a drug problem. NO ONE cares if the accusations are against you are false or that the medications in your system were prescribed. I came to Florida in hopes of a new start and a chance that my story would be heard, believed, and I"d be given a second chance What a joke! I was referred to the IPN here and to put it mildly I don't trust these programs any longer. I'm afraid this is where my nursing career ends. I worked so hard to become a nurse and now because I gave my statement to a board investigator in good faith I will never be able to practice nursing again Nurses give so much of themselves and in return state agencies slam doors in our faces and the glimmer of hope that we all held onto for practicing our profession is stamped out by people who judge way to harshly without investigating the facts and reveiwing cases by indiviualism
  6. by   lhowell4
    No one in Tallahasee cares. We became a number and not a face when we signed an agreement, when a compliant was filed against us. I have no more hope. No more fight in me. I have been falsely judged, frowned upon, and pushed aside by IPN. Time to find a new profession if that's even possible considering on paper i'm chemically dependent and need constant supervision. I hope all of our stories can help some nurse that has NOT YET agreed to sign away their livelihood
  7. by   lhowell4
    I AGREE LET'S WRITE OUR STATE SENATORS. How can we be helped if we can't pay for treatment. NOT ALL NURSES sent to IPN are a danger to society! These contracts are UNIVERSAL and each case, each nurse's circumstances are different. It's like having a ONE SIZE FITS ALL CONTRACT!!!! UNBELIEVABLE
  8. by   jacleigh56
    I was referred to IPN for taking one of my boyfriend's Valiums for sleep difficulties. I had 4 years and 10 months, was 2 months from getting out of IPN, and I had 2 drinks on the plane coming back from vacation. 2 days later, I tested positive on a random Etg. I now have to do 5 more years in IPN. I have never abused drugs or alcohol, never had a narc restriction, and was told I was safe to go right back to work, but I still have to do 5 more years. Talk about control freaks!
  9. by   SouthernPoint
    I am in for contacting someone else higher on the food chain. Please don't get me wrong. IPN (along with other programs) are great programs. They just need to be supervised more closer and looked at.

    I have no problem speaking with anyone about my problem/issue's/run in's with IPN and BON. Just drop me a private message and I'll help. Something really needs to be done. Way to many good nurse's are being tossed to the wolves.