IPN Contracts

  1. Does anyone have experience on the length of IPN contracts? I was drug tested because of documentation errors, it was negative, the employer wants me to go to IPN anyway.

    I have hired an attorney yet still curious about contracts with IPN

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  3. by   Jrod1219
    The majority of IPN contracts are 5 yrs. IPN usually will send you to have a psych eval to determine if treatment and or monitoring is even needed.
  4. by   catsmeow1972
    I suspect this is another one that has more to the story than what is posted. IPN does not do discipline for "documentation errors." The BON? yes. I should think that the board could issue some type of reprimand. Bad charting (in the absence of anything else suspicious like behavior, absenteeism, etc.) does not net an IPN contract. My opinion of IPN and their antics is as low as it gets but i don't think that even they could justify that.
  5. by   jfox01
    You have to hire an attorney...I tried to do the right thing and go through IPN . After paying a thousand dollers for the assessment ( which said I was not a drug abuser and all tests were negative) I was given the lightest of treatments. Six counceling sessions which I completed for another 500. When they called me they wanted me to do a five year monitoring contract with drug testing twice a week. Weekly NA meeting and quarterly evaluations. That is not the lightest contract. I was told they have a two year with a one year review. I hired a lawyer before signing the contract. Praying all will go well but I know in my heart if I stayed with IPN my life would have been insane and they would not have cared in the least. I have learned a lot about this program while going through this . They are not part of the BON but a separate entity. I will be looking into who monitors IPN and how we can get someone to look into their practices. I may not get anywhere but I feel I have to so something . They currently have a class action lawsuits against them in Michigan. My advise even though I tried to do everything by the book is get a lawyer. Best of luck.
  6. by   Tnccriley
    Actually, that is exactly what happened to me! I was told I would have to take some sort of documentation remediation class but was then terminated and referred to the recovery program! After passing the on the spot fit for duty test requested
  7. by   Tnccriley
    Yes there is a class action lawsuit in Michigan...going nowhere fast!
  8. by   michelle4SN
    5 years in FL. Such an annoying and demanding process! Please hire an attorney or get a new job if you can. You DONT want to deal with IPN