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I've just recently learned about a program for nurses that may need help with a drug or alcohol problem known as the impaired nurses. I was just wondering what your thoughts were on this subject. ... Read More

  1. by   morte
    Quote from exnursie
    and, i do know for a fact that the florida bon mandated that she go to that place in atlanta----i saw the paperwork and sat with her while she cried about it costing $100,000 and how she couldn't afford it. (it has also been discovered that "some" bon have "deals" with certain treatment places, a "kickback" system, you wash my back and i'll wash yours kind of thing.....) they had her running every which way but loose. she was not a florida resident, and her family was out of state, and she tried to work something out where she could go to a rehab place near her family and they wouldn't allow that either. she ended up having her license placed on "emergency suspension"---but she did go to hanley hazeldon in west palm beach because they took her insurance

    "ipn does not provide the evaluation and/or treatment required, but does provide referrals to board-approved addictionist, psychiatrist, and/or other treatment professionals. these addictionists, psychiatrists, and/or treatment providers are located throughout the state of florida and referrals will be made to a provider geographically closest to the nurse's place of residence."
    this may well be the "official" position, doesnt mean it is what happens, in fact we dont know the time frame of the incident under discussion, the official position may have been changed!
  2. by   NurseDiane
    No kidding,morte................we all know how "that" happens...........