I DID IT!! (Well most of it anyway)

  1. All of my time, money, sweat and tears has finally paid off. I finally got my license returned to me in its original unencumbered state!! I completed my KNAP program in April and received my card in the mail last week with no S's or L's or anything on it!! I touched base with the local hospital's recruiter and hopefully I will get a call back from one of the unit managers she forwarded my resume to. Hopefully I will get a job. And hopefully I can finally be what I have always wanted to be...a good nurse. So keep me in your thoughts please. I need all the positive energy I can get. And good luck to all of you still working out your crap, it is possible.

    Love to all.
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  3. by   Magsulfate
    Wow! Congratulations! You worked hard and now you're on to the next step. Keep working hard with recovery, and always remember where you came from (that's what someone once told me).


  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Congratulations and I really hope you find something
  5. by   jackstem

    now, keep taking it one day at a time...keeping your recovery first and foremost!

  6. by   lilbeans

    Good luck!
  7. by   Litoos72
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