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  1. I wanted to say hello to everyone. I've been lurking here since 2015 when I had my own substance use problems, with the corresponding license problems and monitoring. This was one of the few places I could check out when the mountain of shame I was experiencing was so high it kept me from getting gas at places near my old job for fear of seeing an old coworker.

    I'm two years into monitoring with one year left and things have gotten so much better for me. My state has the monitoring but not without the public discipline, so also had to deal with the public shaming for anyone who wants to look up my name.

    I was reflecting on all the posts on here that helped me, and realized I wanted to post something for that new person who is just beginning this path- and to stop hiding and actually participate.

    Without writing a book on my first post, I went through the terror of waiting to hear from the board, having to go to rehab/PHP/IOP and once that was finish, consent agreement and monitoring, and the corresponding double testing (same day sometimes) for monitoring and drug court.

    I am happy to report that charges were eventually dropped after successfully completing drug court and expunged, I'm working full time as a nurse, and starting to put my life back together. For those people reading this that might have just gotten fired/quit, believe all hope of you ever working as a nurse again is gone, and your life is over, it isn't.

    The path getting through this isn't easy. It will 100% be unfair at times, make no logical sense to anyone, and make you question your resolve. That being said, there still is a path. Things can and will get better for you if you commit yourself to doing the things that need to be done to recover (whatever that means to you personally).

    I also wanted to say thank you to the people who post their experiences on here. They were invaluable to me getting to this point, and know they will be just as valuable as I complete monitoring and beyond. Why I waited so long to post I can't say, but figured I would work on that tonight!

    Anyways, just wanted to introduce myself and figured you guys/gals might appreciate my username - even if others on here didn't get it
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  3. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Welcome, Welcome & Welcome my fellow inhabitant of monitoringsville. Your voice of reassurance and experience will be helpful to many of us facing these huge obstacles. Thanks again & occasionally soy sauce is something I forget I'm not supposed to ingest so you name helps
  4. by   Recovering_RN
    Welcome! Chime in and add your experience, it helps all of us to know others are going through the same things. And post just to rant or to muse if you want. I know it helps me to get some of my stress out on "paper" by writing about it.
  5. by   rn1965
    Thank you and welcome. I am glad you decided to join the conversation. This forum has really helped me!

    Sometimes, it is just the comic relief, other times, the rants help me know I am not alone in my frustration. Whatever reason keeps you lurking and reading, it is welcome!
  6. by   Stepper
    Thank you for sharing your experience and progress... will be encouraging to others recovering. I also forget soy sauce.
  7. by   No-soy-sauce-until-2019
    Some places say soy sauce is ok, others don't. The bottle 50% of the time says alcohol as an ingredient, but you know how some places reuse the bottle and fill it with whatever brand they are buying in bulk.

    We don't get tested on the weekend in my program, and I have thoughts if I can sneak some soy sauce on friday as it'll be out of my system come Monday - but that is about as exciting as it gets for me lately.

    Thanks for the welcome!
  8. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Ha!!! the timing of the soy sauce intake
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    That's was suppose to be a waving hand. Guess it didn't like my iPhone's emoticon