good book- Jackstem??

  1. just finished reading "In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts:Close Encounters with Addiction" by Gabor Mate' MD. i am wondering in particular if our friend Jackstem had read this book- & if so, his thoughts on the book. it's a very informative book about addiction, it's causes, treatment, etc. Brings to light how useless the "War on Drugs" is, what a waste of money....we need places like this Portland Hotel System in the US- would be an outstanding place to work!
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  3. by   HunnieBadger
    It's a very good read IMO...
  4. by   jackstem

    I have't read the book. It sounds interesting. Was there anything in the book that stands out from everything else? I'll pick up a copy.

    Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. by   TXRN2
    the book presents a lot of causative factors for addictions- you may already know these. but it shares about a way they have in canada for supporting rather than treating hard-core drug addicts. i think you'll find it most interesting. i knew you'd stop by here sooner or later!! how are ya??
  6. by   jackstem
    I'm doing well, thanks! I started a new job as an addictions counselor and am enjoying the job immensely. I'm the counselor for the suboxone intensive outpatient program. After a detox period they come to my group for 10 days for education, group counseling, and continued monitoring of their response to suboxone before moving on to the intensive outpatient program. Once they complete IOP they begin a 52 week aftercare program where they are tapered of suboxone.

    The job keeps me busy which is why I haven't been on here posting (although I do read posts pretty regularly). How's things in Texas?

  7. by   TXRN2
    from what i know about you, you are an excellent candidate for that job!! things were just about awesome for me until week before last when my life absolutely went topsy turvy with elderly mother getting really sick & hubby having an accident & being injured on the same day!! HaHa!! should have known everything was just too good!! all will eventually get back on track- i am ok- blessed with many wonderful friends, family to help out, support. building more character, i guess. get the book & read it when you can- i think you'll find it interesting, esp with the job you have now. good to hear from you- i feel like we're friends!! take care!!
  8. by   jackstem
    We ARE friends!!! And thanks for your kind words.

    I know what you mean about your mom getting sick (let alone your spouse as well). My dad died last January after open heart surgery. He lived three months after a complication that couldn't be repaired. I was most fortunate to be clean and sober and able to care for him the last three months of his life. Hope your mom and husband recover quickly.

  9. by   10yearnurse
    TXRN2 Can you PM me your email? I may have gotten a job where you referred me.
  10. by   TXRN2
    consider it done!!
  11. by   10yearnurse
    Just sent you an email :-)
  12. by   ruhurtinohio
    Hi Jack,
    I wanted to touch base with you and thank you and Latonia for all you have done for me...
    Lori W.
  13. by   jackstem
    Hi Lori! You are most welcome!

    I'm working as an addictions counselor at an outpatient facility just east of Cincinnati. Extremely challenging and rewarding. Also nice to know my experiences can make a difference for someone else.

    So how the heck are you?