finding a job after reporting to the board

  1. Does anyone have any advice on how to find a job after self reporting to the Alabama board. I had a problem with drugs and since have been on the long road to recovery. I have been doing exactly what the board wants and am currently in the VDAP program. I have been unemployed for 6 months. I have been on many interviews but as soon as I mention my recovery and the VDAP, interview over. I am required to tell about this. I always wait until the end when I know the interview is going well and it is time to tell. I always get told that it is no problem and the interview went great, I get nowhere. No phone call, no job offer. I am at my wits end with this. I am wondering if I should just give up.
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  3. by   maxycrystal13
    Never give up. You did the right thing and if you remain diligent you will be rewarded for your honesty. Just keep sending your rsum and after your interviews, call them! Keep your head up my friend and remain strong and faithful.
  4. by   mickey.green245
    hang in there. it took me 2 1/2 years to land a job. I finally realized I wasnt going to get a wanted job. I started to apply for those med/surg jobs that had 3-4 openings available. if you look at it from an employers point of view, if they have a choice between a monitored nurse and one who is not, the other choice wins. less hassle and risk. you may have to take that job no one else wants to get your foot in the door. From a spirtual perspective, I had prayed for a job for over a year and was continually hitting brick walls feeling defeated over and over. I realize now that i first felt restarting work as a nurse would somehow erase the shame of all that I done and would have given me a sense of arrival. When I stopped viewing my career as my defining attribute, and started to rely on God, then my path to the job i have now seemed effortless. Its was almost as if when I threw my hands up in defeat and got out of the way, then God started to make things happen. I hope this helps. keep your head up. God created you and he doesnt make junk.
  5. by   subee
    Does Alabama offer support groups for nurses in recovery? That's been the best resource in my state.