Er Mer Ger... Getting on this site is hard!

  1. So I've been trolling this site for almost a year. I've Been on Texas' TPAPN for a year and all of you here have really provided a wealth of information and reassurances. BUT...getting here to post is kinda hard, and I've got so many questions for the folks who are "veterans" in monitoring land. I really feel like ya'll are my support group! Just from my experiences I think that there is a HUGE untapped reserve of knowledge of RN's who don't come forth about their experiences because of shame, legal issues etc. I've got the worst, most humiliating story ever.....Yet no one is truly alone. ALL OF YOU have been so great that I really feel like I needed to step up and be part of this CRAP-FEST
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  3. by   Randomnurse3
    Would love to hear your story if you wanted to share. <cheers>
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  4. by   RN.What
    My boss at the time was (and still is) is a HUGE JESUS FREAK. And if an employee didn't meet his "Christian Values" expectations then... WOW......SOOOO...I refused to do the giant Jesus junk he "offered" as a "BONUS" (Yayyyy...Dave Ramsey) he felt this this was part of my expected income!!!!!! But even though he drank daily during business hours, and never thought it was a big deal......GUESS WHAT.... since I refused to buy in to his religious BS it ended up being a big a huge EFFING deal. When I decided that this was NOT the job for me, (AND MIND YOU this was my effig family) , he REPORTED ME TO THE TEXAS BON!!!! I was going through a huge problem with a super close family member dying and he reported me. This was and still is a pretty crappy way to gain control of your employees.
  5. by   Recovering_RN
    So I'm totally confused. What did your boss report you for?

    And how does him being over the top religious relate? Just because you aren't, you think that made him want to get you in trouble with the BON? Or did he have some actual grounds for suspicion about whatever he reported to the BON about you?
  6. by   Big Blondie
    I'm lost on this?
  7. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Yeah, start over again and tell us what you are accused of and where you are in the process. The fact that your boss is a drunk god-squad jerk really has no tangible impact on what you are facing. These things are witch hunts pure and simple. I knew a nurse who was consigned to one because her soon to be abusive ex said she was an addict with zero proof