Blood testing

  1. I have been selected for testing for recovery trek and it's a blood test. I have always been tested by urinalysis so I'm confused what the blood testing is for? Just curious ... it says P1 blood testing... thanks
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  3. by   Kel65
    Peth test for alcohol
  4. by   Michagler
    Ok so just alcohol ? I was just confused thank you so much. I have only been in the program for about 2 months. Will they do a urinalisis as well? Do I need to bring anything special with me? Do you have any suggestions or advice?
  5. by   Eris Discordia BSN, RN
    I've had two different blood tests...different codes. I'm assuming one was the path, but as for the other one? No clue. I've also had nail too.

    Nothing special to do or bring. No prep to be done. No urine if they just give you one code and tell you it's blood. Write down the code they give you on your form, that's it. With my blood tests, they've always made me go to a specific lab. You'll know if it's the peth if they don't use an alcohol swab on you. They use chlorhexidine on me for the peth and regular alcohol for the other test.
  6. by   Michagler
    Ok so I'm gathering the blood test are checking for alcohol? Is that all that is being tested for? I wonder why they pick a specific lab? Anyhow thank you so much
  7. by   JxoRN
    So I have had to take a peth test, and its to see if you have beem binging on alcohol. It looks over the past 30-ish days. Did you have a positive drug test? That is the reason they call you on it, if you tested positive for alcohol. Its a quick lab draw, you dont have to bring anything with you, except you recovery trek paperwork thing that we always do. It takes about 5 days to come back, with me, almost 2 weeks and an MOR ( a stupid monitor person from Florida) calls you. Depending on your state they may charge you the measly $50 just for the phone call, and get ready for his inquisitive questions.
  8. by   Michagler
    Wow!!! 50 bucks for a phone call. All my test are negative. Is there a range that you can be in ? I drank 1 beer like 2 days ago... they really are banking on all this stuff... sheez
  9. by   JxoRN
    Are you 100% sure they are negative, look at your profile, because that's the only reason they are making you do it. The test is about $140 (in AZ at least) I wrote the person on my recovery trek profile a note and was like what is this mean...? b/c I did have a positive. She called me, asked me questions like did I drink etc. I said NO. Admit NOTHING. 1 drink 2 days ago, may show up "trace amounts" that's when you say well, maybe you swished with listerine etc. They make give you an excused positive. However, make that your get out of free jail card, bc that's the only one you are going to get. Id consider not having another drink. Bc they will put you into monitoring and it will be hell.

    -and no, no range, because this is an abstain from all alcohol. That includes the over the counter stuff too.
  10. by   Michagler
    So crazy ... yeah I just looked and all my bnb test are negative. I didnt understand either to be honest. I am not in the program for alcohol? So do I pay out of pocket when I get there. This stuff is really ridiculous I need to hurry up and get out of this program it is killing me financially.
  11. by   JxoRN
    Normally you have a card on file.. They charge you just like all your UAs. But I am in AZ, that's what they did to me, so I dont exactly know what or how they go about the rules in your state. I'm in Cando- and its 3 years long. Each UA here is $54.. I wasn't here for alcohol either, however, they make you abstain from it all.
  12. by   Michagler
    Yeah ... I guess it really is random you know maybe because I have been negitive the whole time they want to try a diffrent approach to set me up for failure. It's all good one step at a time . Thank you so much for the info it helps calm my nerves .
  13. by   Kel65
    I have had to do a peth without a positive. It's part of the randomness. If you had a positive you would hear about it.
  14. by   JxoRN
    I never thought about it that way. I guess technically they can do whatever they want. Lol. They randomly increased me to 4 times a month until I called and asked. They said oh, we don't know, it will go back to twice... I was upset bc of the $ amount of the tests. I've come to terms that I can't have a drink.. it's still very frustrating to me.