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What kind of blood test with affinity/lab core would cost 75.48?? Peth? Does anyone know... Read More

  1. by   FreedomalRN
    Option 2 and 6 are urine right?? Your option 8 sounds like my option 12 which is blood and it cost 78.42. I am in Alabama, maybe the options vary by state? I don't know, I stress due to the financial burden of these test!! At least we can all vent to each other, it may not help matter but it makes me feel better knowing I am not alone
  2. by   This2shallpass
    So very true. I find it so helpful to read everyone's post. We really stress about the same issues it seems. I am in SC and the cost of all these test are a bit much. The whole thing keeps me anxious and stressed. I'm so worried I'll miss my call in time. I have even had difficulty producing enough urine at test time. I try to drink water before hand and not pee until I get there but the last few times it has taken 2 tries. It makes me so angry because I drink water while I'm there then I spend all day in the bathroom. I really think it's anxiety.
  3. by   FreedomalRN
    Yes the story of my life and if your like me then you worry about having a dilute! My life is full of stress, anxiety, and fatigue due to all the duties I have as a mom, wife, and the most time consuming of all is staying in compliance with everything mandatory in my contract! I love nursing and I get I got myself into this but it's extreme in my opinion! We can all do it together, I pray!
  4. by   This2shallpass
    Yes we can. Thank goodness we can vent to each other. It do nice not feeling so alone