After 5 years, it's time......

  1. Hello everyone, it's good to be back, I'm glad I remembered my password, lol. After five long years, it's time for me to dust off the scrubs and return to the babies. I suffered a few devastating losses back to back, tried to work through it and lost the fight. Every time I tried to get back up, I got knocked down again.
    Now, through the support of family, friends, my children and my mother up in heaven, I believe it's time. Time to return to what I was chosen to do - help cure and save babies lives. It will be challenging as I begin to take refresher courses, earn each certificate, and apply for jobs all while using my own coping skills to get through each day. But I'll do it because it's what I was meant to do. I was meant to be a Pediatric Nurse. Thank you for listening. <3 <3
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  3. by   Recovering_RN
    Welcome back! It's good to hear from someone who actually wants to be back in nursing! After all this time in monitoring, seeing what nurses do to their own in the name of "recovery" and "protecting the public", I've gotten to where I just want out of nursing. I'm planning to take time off after I'm out of TPAPN (38 days left!), maybe I'll feel like you do now, and I'll want to return.

    Good luck with the refresher courses and job hunting.
  4. by   Mickey9700
    I'm glad you got the help you need and I questioned whether or not nursing was ever even the career I should have chosen for myself. After taking Infection Control and the Precertification Course for PALS today, OMG my head hurts, but it proved that I really do miss it. I'm going to apply for a walk in clinic. Old co-workers of mine say that's a great place to start after being out for a long time. I went straight from school in to the Pediatric ICU. It was intense and I was 33 already with 2 kids and getting a divorce. I think this will be a nice entry for me. If you need to take some time off, you do that. As much as you need. Re-evaluate and go from there. I'm so in debt now, it's not even fathomable. I went through Hurricane Sandy and lost everything I had, I could go on and on, but it's in the past now. I wish that for you. If a career change is in your future, so be it. BUT, remember there are SOOOOOO many types of nursing, so many places to work. Did I ever see myself in a walk in clinic? No way! I was all for working in a hospital. Never again. Good Luck Texas, from your New York sista.
  5. by   Nursesforonevoice
    Welcome back, Mickey! Leaving Nursing for a few years happens. Or I might say if we don't take a vaca from Nursing, we have the thought of doing it running thru our heads. Knowing, it is what you should do will get you thru what needs to be done to do it. Wish you the best, keep us informed of how it's going!
  6. by   tnbutterfly
    Welcome back to allnurses!!!!