ADD. and recovery ?

  1. Has or is anyone dealing with this ? How are you coping ? Any advice ?
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  3. by   RNRutRO
    Not sure exactly what you are asking, but I can give you my experience.

    I take Concerta. Took it for years. I asked my CM about if it would be fine to take while in the peer assistance program. She told me "as long as you have an MD order and he/she signs our paperwork" I had my doctor fill out the paperwork.

    Several months went by, and my CM contacted me and told me that I would have to have a psych eval. to see if they agreed or could take another med, etc. I made an apt, the psych agreed that I should take the med. In fact, he felt that people not taking it would cause "relapse" or the root of addiction in the first place. I then sent the eval to my CM and nothing else was said.

    Not sure it even showed up in my UA's. Bottom line, if you need the drugs for ADD, then you should take them. I feel that I truly do. I can't focus when I don't take my Concerta.

    My advice, don't sweat the small stuff.

    Good luck. If you have any questions, send me a PM, and I will try to help.