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  1. I am tired of the open discrimination and attempted manipulation by employers when recovering addicts apply for jobs!!! I thought I had finally found a job that would work with my TPAPN work restrictions and allow me to finally finish the required 1 year incident free work in nursing. At a Behavioral Health Hospital, those who specialize in treatment of addiction and truly understand the stigma surrounding the disease of addiction. So, they called Thursday and offered me a full time position as an RN working under the corporate compliance officer. The first 3 months I would be working 48 hours a week helping prepare them for the Joint Commission review due in May. Developing P & P, training staff, infection control, documentation review etc. I was thrilled, actually working as a nurse, using my skill and knowledge. After May, they would work me as a mental health tech (MHT), which is basically a CNA for psych!! Using an RN as a tech!! They would move me to a charge RN on one of the units when my 6 months narc restrictions were lifted sometime in August. My first question was if working as an MHT would qualify as "nursing practice" to comply with my TPAPN contract? No, because it does not require any nursing knowledge or judgement. The first 4 months preparing for Joint Commission would use my RN degree and I was willing to go part time after that until I could move to the floor. Then they told me that I would be hired as an RN, working as an RN until the narc restrictions were lifted, but would be paid $10/hr (MHT pay) and would be "on the books" as an MHT. I was so livid!! These people were getting a great bargin, an RN for 6 months for $10/hr!! This is supposed to be a company that deals with addiction and recovery! How can they discriminate/manipulate in their hiring practices simply because I am limited in my employment potential???
    I have always been a resource for patients, famlies and staff when it comes to laws, rules, practice and any other areas where they felt they were being treated unfairly. I know where to find the answers and still get calls from former co-workers asking "Can they do that?" Same with patients, "Can they do that?" I had been thinking about opening a "Resource Service Center" that advocates for nurses, patients and others who feel they are getting shafted. Then I found that Jackstem who posted in Please give me your opinion had just opened this type of business. Would love to hear any comments about this "job offer" and if "Can they do that" dot come would be beneficial? Thanks a bunch. Longhorn fan1:angryfire
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  3. by   Laurab14
    You probably aren't going to like my response, but here it is--right or wrong, an employer can do whatever they want, I have found in these tough economic times no one is entitled to a job, just because they have RN behind their name. If you open your own business, you can do what you want. It is funny that you believe you can point people in the right direction when it comes to laws, but with your restrictions, probably broke some yourself. Goodluck in getting back into Nursing., it sounds like you are dedicated to making a positive change.
  4. by   Magsulfate
    Well, I think they can do it. It's not like they're refusing to give you a job because you're a recovering addict. If they're paying you what the job title pays, then yes, they can do it. My advice, go to work there, and keep looking for another job while you're working. Sometimes in TPAPN it takes months to find a job. SO, just feel lucky that you have SOMETHING.

    Where do you live?