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does any one seen nurses who works with hearing aid. ENT just told me i need hearing aid. i am working prn right now but i am afraid if i apply for new jobs they will not hire me? because i have hearing aid?


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That'd be discrimination based on a disability. They couldn't not hire you for that reason.


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I work with nurses who have hearing aids. They use their stethoscopes, listen to bowel/lung sounds, etc. just like everyone else. Having a hearing aid is not a disability so you shouldn't live your life like it is!


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I also work with a nurse who is hearing impaired. She uses a hearing aid and a specialized stethoscope. It doesn't affect her work, although if you are observant you might realize she has some degree of hearing loss.

Also, my husband was a medic in the Air Force years ago, and he is deaf in one ear. Never made any difference to him either.

Good luck to you.


I'm a student about to go get fitted for hearing aids. If anything, you would be doing yourself a disservice to not wear them if you need them. It really is a matter of patient safety when it comes to hearing. After seven years of avoiding getting hearing aids, I am finally going to get fitted so that I can hear all the things I've been missing out on. God forbid I misunderstand something a patient says or don't hear what they say and it ends up costing big time... There is no price for a human life.

Also, I remember when I had hearing aids when I was younger (I didn't take good care of them.. hence why I'm getting fitted again), they were a real bonding experience with some of the older generation who also wear them.. Not to mention, while wearing them, you might be able to convince someone who needs them but doesn't want them to get them!!

If you're worried about interviews with employers, bring up these issues. And even if they did bring up the issue, I'm pretty sure that wouldn't be legal. Also, I have a really awesome electronic stethoscope that you can turn the volume up on. It's really great! A lot fellow students ask to borrow it when they can't hear something. It really is a miracle tool. :nurse:


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i am precepting a nurse who has hearing aids. he has a specialized stethoscope and is very capable of doing everything a nurse with no aids can do! he is very comical and when he greets a pt who is HOH he makes a joke about both of them. The pts love him:)


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where and what kind of stethoscope i should get? i mean where can i buy it?

I got mine at a home medical store, but they are available online. The only problem I sometimes have with it is you have to have a VERY steady hand. They can be quite costly too. I think mine costed around $300 but I was able to secure a grant since I'm a poor student. :D

Mine is a Philips.. Don't know where I would be without it!!!


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doesn't earpiece hurt you when you put steth in your ear? since you have hearing aid alreay in them?

does any one know which website to go to for this special steth and also i live in NJ if anyone know special store?

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