Nurses are too controlling, and over powering during emergencies.

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Why is nursing like the war. Im a new grad nurse, and ofcourse the more experience nurses think they know it all more. They sit at the station gossiping all night, which till this day 5 months in i refuse to be a part of, I already have my own issues to be talking about others. I heard a THUMP, this shift, and literally, I WAS THE ONLY ONE who heard it. I passed by 2 nurses, which 1 of them the patient belonged to, ran to the room and found the patient fell, I called the nurse in and she ran in, as soon as the others saw they all ran to the scene like the scene of Lion king when simba was caught in the tampede or whatever its called andhis father tried to save him. Im helping the assigned nurse pick the pt up, these nurses come and literally try to take over, i was on the pts R arm trying to help pick her up, 3 nurses all wanted that right arm to pick her up. lets do this" let's do this" it's such a mess. i just stepped back and out and let them do whatever. If anything, im not desperate for "OMG, YOU SAVED A LIFE" from a fall, where the patient is oriented, and tripped over something. It's like when a rapid response happens, 500 peolple want to rush in, and you cant do anything effective because everyone wants to do it too.

Literally, why are nurses like so controlling and want to do something in everything!?!

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Im a new grad nurse, and ofcourse the more experience nurses think they know it all more.
I couldn't get any farther than this. They DO know more than you do. Maybe instead of getting bent out of shape you could observe, and ask, why they're doing things the way they are.

Only listen to positive feedback.... New grads are not dumb, and they all had to learn the ropes, quite frankly new grads do things initially by the book, like it should be done to CYA! Just be the best nurse you can be, it will pay off...

aurora77 , it makes sense that they may be more "experienced", but i've gootten report from nurses working 15years, and they'll ask me, "do you know what that is? cos i have no idea" or what do you do with this? i think experience doesnt guaratee you knowledge so much. in this situation, the patient was going to the bathroom and forgot to take the leg pumps off connected to the bed, the pt hit her head bad. i asked, we should get quick vitals on her to make sure she's fine?, the nurse of 8+ years said, let's get her to the bathroom first, she has to use it. in my head im thinking, checking her to make sure she's fine while this is fresh, you want her to empty her bladder more importantly. when i suggested a quick assessment first, and she felt the bathroom was more important for a pt with a laceration on her head, they all looked at me in awe. they may not admit it that an asseessment should me more important than the bathroom when i suggested it, because they are experienced and know better.

i will have to say, new grads coming in are more attentive to things than experienced nurses. ive heard nurses say it's no big deal, he'll be fine when their pts keeps calling, a pt rang his bell, i went in, and told his nurse what he was feeling, pod 6 of abd surgery, she said, he needs to sleep, she was tired of his complaining( this pt ended up being transfered to icu being ignored, we called a rapid response ) because his abd incision opened and he bled to death, at the icu he coded and died there.

im just saying, experience doesnt mean nothing. just like how wisdom doesnt grow with age.

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I think in a case like that they go on auto-pilot and probably, unfortunately, they no longer "saw you". I hear that's a common problem when something like that happens (wall to wall people). Sorry things aren't going well for you in your rapport with the nurses, but that Simba stampede analogy gave me a laugh - thanks for that! :)

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I don't see that they did anything wrong.The patient fell and they came to help.

10 people running to help 1 pt who fell, they nearly pushed me over just wanting her right arm i was holding to help pick her up. there was so much people, nothing effective was done. It seems like they want to be recognized, so they come in and literally try and control.

nursel56 LOL. I was laughing a bit too because that was EXACTLY how the scene was. poor Simba

If someone wants to risk their back to pick a patient off the floor, I'll HAPPILY get out of the way to let them do it.

Wow! I must say I was quite concerned when I read this string.

There are obvious issues with the both sides here really. There is a big difference between pride and confidence. Something I sincerely hope you learn the difference between quickly. Not only for yourself but for the sake of your own patients. Pride comes before a fall and I hope you gain enough experience and wisdom fast enough not to allow the death of one of your patients to be your fall. Of course without humility I suppose you will see your own words come back to haunt you anyway.

Im just saying, experience doesnt mean nothing. Just like how wisdom doesnt grow with age. (So next year you will be no better a nurse than you are today right? Experience is useless to you? You will be no wiser in five years than you are today right?)

Im a new grad nurse, and ofcourse the more experience nurses think they know it all more. ( know it all more than who? You who already knows it all? )

Please take time to reflect on your own response to this situation. You cannot change anyone but yourself. You can choose to learn from every experience or live life making the same mistakes over and over again. The wisest among us actually are capable of learning from other people's mistakes and simply moving on always remembering that we ourselves are far from perfect and life is an eternal lesson. No one ever knows it all.

I have no idea but your description of the whole scenerio was hilarious.

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Sounds like you are wanting more respect from the experienced nurses. It's that feeling that you have to prove yourself. In my experience, it's not just when you are a new grad. I've also felt that way after taking a new job. Just keep on, keeping on. In my experience, if you are a good nurse, ppl will eventually take notice. Put your guard down and relax. And hell, if there's 10 other people trying to be chiefs, I will gladly step back and be an Indian. I don't need that kinda stress and I'm not an adrenaline junkie just dying to rescue someone.

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