Nurses: come out 5/10/04 to see Sen Kerry introduce new health program in Erie

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pa nurses eupdate: action alert

the pa state nurses association would like to inform you that presidential candidate sen. john kerry will be announcing his new health program and its impact on nursing on monday, may 10th at 2:00pm at edinboro university in erie pa.

the pa state nurses association and the american nurses association are asking nurses in the area to come out to show their support for sen. kerry.

if you would like to join us, please be at the university center on the edinboro university campus in erie pa, on monday, may 10th at 12:30 to meet the rest of the nursing community attending this event.

call michele campbell if you plan on attending (24 hour cell) 717-443-7666 or email [email protected].

there is expected to be heavy security and possibly large crowds. the association and the ana are asking for nurses to meet and enter together to ensure everyone gets into the event.


edinboro univeristy map

university center

Energizer Bunny

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Oh man! How I wish I had a sitter for the kids. Erie is only an hour from me!

Energizer Bunny

1,973 Posts might want to change the title of the thread to 5/10/04 so more people will read it!

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So dumb question - is this what used to be the Porreco Center of Edinboro U. in Erie, or is it at the main campus in Edinboro?

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