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I would really like to hear from nurses who started their own business. What is it like to be a legal nurse consultant? Has anyone tried opening their own agency? What would a MSN/MBA degree allow me to do....would it be worth it? If you have this degree, what are you doing with it? Are any of you sorry you became a NP? Also, what type of nursing is available besides bedside nursing? I've heard of nurses as pharm reps or working in insurance agencies....what's that like? I want experience as a bedside nurse, but would like to know what else is available. Have any of you written a book? I would really appreciate any info. Thank you.

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I am an RN who has started my own Preventative Health Buisness, working at home.

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I haven't tried all thoses other routes b/c of the time and money involved, but I was able to start my own home based business part time. It was one of the easiest things I have ever done, and it has given me that light at the end of the tunnel I had been searching for.

Mcrow........what type of business??

Try medical case management: Paid well by ins. carriers, work for a private firm, out of your home office, I did for over 10 years. But you gotta have lots of experience. and you have to know the law(work comp and accidents) Check it out. Oh, and a CRRN is very helpful. With your business background(MBA) the financial aspects of case mgt. should be easier since most nurses hate to talk costs.

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