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I need some suggestions, help please, we are having issues regarding fulltime nurses (40 hours P/w) being giving split days off on the roster, instead of working 5 on 2 off we are getting 2 then one then 3 then one ETC, as I have been found to be be complaining about this I have now been given the job of exploring other options of rostering so that this does not happen. IN my opinion I think its as simple as just deciding the our ward will not give full-time staff split days off. We still require flexability in the roster and being able to give staff the occasional weekend off......I would like to know how your ward/unit deals with rostering PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!:D


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Originally posted by Jan B

...We still require flexability in the roster and being able to give staff the occasional weekend off......I would like to know how your ward/unit deals with rostering PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!:D

If once a month will satisfy the "occasional" weekend off requirement then a 4 on 2 off schedule might work.


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Hi! Do you guys only do 8 hour shifts in NZ or your facility. Here in the US most facilities do 12 hour shifts. 36 hours is considered a full work week. I did work at one facility that did 40 hours a week with a mix of 12s and 8s. You can do 2 12s and 2 8s in a week and get your 40 hours and have 3 days off. This probably isn't very helpful. Usually people that are used to doing only 8s are resistant, at first, to doing 12s. And that may be a huge change for your facility to do 12s. I hope it works out. Good luck:)

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I'd much rather do five days on and two days off anyday if I worked eight hour shifts/40 hours a week. :)


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How many nurses are you scheduling? Is it possible to let them have some input as to their schedules, if this is at all feasible. Might not be in your case, just a thought. Some nurses feel more appreciated if they can at least have a look at the schedule before it is posted, that's the consensus with my co-workers and I anyway. I am currently a supervisor at a SNF, I often do the scheduling, and the nurses know I will seek them out with schedule in hand, just in case they had any functions, certain days off etc they might want. I only do scheduling for 10-12 nurses, so I am able to do this. I hope this is possible for you.


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Hi Jan

I don't have an answer, as I experience the same problems also where I work. We self-roster and I try to give myself decent breaks. I also am wondering if you by chance work at Waikato Hosp?..... where I also work.

Cheers Jen

Jan B

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Yes I do work at Waikato Hospital in Orthopaedics:)


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I work in wd 53. I just was guessing that you worked at WPH due to your descriptions on your other posts.

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We use self rostering and use roster 2000 a computer program to input the roster - it does seem to work. Those that want/must have certain days off write them in a book that the "roster nurse" keeps and these requests get first priority and then it is a matter of entering what you want to work. The computer shows what is available as well as what has been taken so we tend to work things out amoung ourselves. The roster nurse does have the final say though and you may not get every shift you requested.


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Hello, I am a new member.

I am from a small East Texas town with a small rural hospital and we work the Matrix schedule. I work ED so we work 12 hour shifts as does the ICU. We work 2, off 2, work 3, off 2, work 2, the off 3. This gives us a three day weekend every other week. This is also an 84 hour pay period for the two weeks. We only have 7 full time and 3 PRN that fills our shifts. GOOD LUCK to ANYONE who has to figure out scheduling. It's a real pain in the seat! Hope this helped?


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I do 12's & 8's so I can teach & have my practice. It works for me, but it's hassle. I am blessed to have a boss that says ok, do what cha gotta do! ;)

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