Wanting to be Midwife in America

  1. I have 33 weeks until I qualify I am from UK after qualifying as a nurse i hope to continue to become a midwife which in America you call a OB/Gynaecology nurse. I would like to travel with my nursing career but a colleague informed me there is a adaptation from the English qualification before British nurses can practice dies anyone have any useful info thank you with love 33weekstilliqualify
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  3. by   skylark
    Your post is not clear - are you asking about working in the US, or are you talking just about doing midwifery training after completing your RN?

    If your question is about working in the US, then as a UK trained nurse, you are NOT eligible to apply for NCLEX as your training is not sufficiently broad to address the generalist nature of this qualification.
    UK training has failed to meet this requirement since the 1990s, only those UK nurses who trained before then qualify.

    Unless you have family in the US, you will not meet the requirement for a visa either.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Plus the UK midwives that posted here all had to do some schooling to meet US counterparts
  5. by   elkpark
    My understanding is that UK midwives deliver babies. That is very different from what generalist OB/gyn nurses do in the US. Nurse midwifery in the US (which is called midwifery if you're talking about catching babies) is an advanced practice specialty which requires a specific graduate degree in nursing. There are also non-nurse midwives, but they have much less opportunity to practice around the US (they are illegal in some states, and in a legal "limbo" in some).