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Visa Screen Certificate is required by all foreign nurses wishing to obtain a green card to work in the US, as well as any type of temporary work permit, such as the Nafta TN Visa for those from... Read More

  1. by   mrmiyagi
    [quote=nurseintraining18;3868278]do we need to pay the board of nursing to send the nclex results to cgfns? i'm confused about this extra step above. thank you!


    yes. since i read carlee's reply, i tried checking the maryland board of nursing website. under their "schedule of fees" section, you will find this - Visa Screen Verification $25.00. try checking your board of nursing site.
  2. by   carlee1995
    Quote from nurseintraining18
    do we need to pay the board of nursing to send the nclex results to cgfns? i'm confused about this extra step above. thank you!

    also, to carlee - where did you find work for the tn visa to be applied? curious, as I am a canadian searching...

    thank you!
    Yes, I had to pay the Florida Board of Nursing an additonal $25.00 us for them to forward my results to CGFNS
    so that they would complete my Visa Screen.

    I found work in Dunedin Florida, but still working on completion of my TN, as I am not ready to go just yet
    will be ready by the end of Oct. as my Orientation date is set for Nov 9th.....providing all paper work for the border crossing is complete and they accept it.
  3. by   firstyearRN
    Thank you Carlee. I have no idea what to do about the IL board as I can't find the information about 25.00 anywhere in the literature.
  4. by   firstyearRN
    Thank you Mr. Miyagi!
  5. by   firstyearRN
    i found the following listed on the il site. does this mean i should send $25.00 as well or maybe $20.00? it does not mention the visa screen. should i also include my ssn even though it is not on the visascreen liscence verification form?

    confused as always. thanks in advance!

    request a certification or verification
    certifications of licensure
    [color=#292526][color=#292526][color=#292526]include the licensee name, license number and status, license
    issuance date and expiration date, and method of licensure and disciplinary action, if applicable. the
    certifications also include the department seal and official signature.
    [color=#292526][color=#292526][color=#292526]if you are applying for
    licensure in another state, you should request an illinois certification, which requires the fee
    as listed below.
    certifications must be requested by mail.

    please submit your request in writing to:
    illinois department of financial and professional regulation
    division of professional regulation
    320 west washington street, 3rd floor
    springfield, illinois 62786
    please include your name, address, license number, social security number, date of birth, and the
    name and address of the state board where you want the certification sent, along with the required
    fee listed below.
    certification fees in the form of a check or money order payable to the department of
    financial and professional regulation must be submitted with your request. the fees are as
    verifications of licensure
    [color=#292526][color=#292526][color=#292526]may be obtained from the license look-up page of this web site. the
    verification (or license look-up) information includes the licensee name, license number and status,
    city and state, license issuance date and expiration date, and disciplinary action indicator. there is
    no fee for this service. if you are unable to find the licensee information from the license look-up
    page, you may contact the department in writing at the illinois department of financial and
    professional regulation, division of professional regulation, 320 west washington street, 3rd
    floor, springfield, illinois 62786. the printout generated from the license look-up is the only format
    used by the department to respond to requests for license verifications. license look-up has been
    approved for use as a primary source for verification by the joint commission of accreditation of
    healthcare organizations and the national committee for quality assurance.

    profession fee:
    all certifications (excluding the professions listed below) $20
    real estate appraisers $25
    loan originators $25
    auctioneers $25
    medical corporations (no fee)
    professional service corporations (no fee)
  6. by   Nurse365
    Thanks for your reply
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    What do you mean by retrogression? I know its an act or process of deterioration or decline.
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  8. by   Nurse365
    After reading through some of the postings i now know the meaning of retrogression in the nursing applications processing.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Basically the demand for visas far outweigh the amount of visas allocated and since Oct 06 nurses have no longer been fast tracked
  10. by   djos
    This whole visa screen is a nightmare and I am still waiting for it to be processed, as I am relocating to the area of central florida, Tampa, lakeland area and the only road block I have is I work in public health and I did have an interview there is August this year and the nursing manager could not hire me but wanted to but their HR department says they couldn't hire me, cause I did not have florida licence althougth I've completed all the requirments for FBN however they cannot issue me a licence because I need to fax a copy of a Social security number and then they will issue me an license, just this one thing I need.

    The question is does any one know if this visa screen certificate will be sent to homeland security and then inform the social security office for the reason that I need the number or do I need visa screen certificate and a offer of employment like (letter of employment) and take this to the border to process a TN visa?

    Would appreciate if someone knew exactly the order of all this, as I am not going through an agency
    I get passed the buck from FBN to social security offices to CGFNS.
    CGFNS peolple on the phone can't even answer these immigration questions which I find odd cause this is a federal requirement and yet they still give you this homeland security number which I can't even get through the line here from Canada, and it is a 1 800 number.
    jeepers can anyone make this any simpler,
    any suggestions anyone?
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    You need VSC in hand when you go to the border and get TN visa, vsc is sent to you. Once you get TN visa you can apply for SSN and be able to submit that to Florida BON who will then issue license
  12. by   carlee1995
    Just to add my 2 cents to this experience is still on going
    I applied to CGFNS last March 08.......applied to FBN in April 08....recieved the okay to sit for the Nclex exam by Aug.....wrote th Nclex Nov. 08.....waiting and waiting for CGFNS to send all my completed application, including Visa Screen...and they said that FBN has not released my Nclex pass or fail to them.

    I called FBN, they said,,,well you have not sent the required fee of $25.00 for us to forward your marks to CGFNS..well....where does it say the now 1 month has passed....I then sent them the money..just before Christmas 08, and by Feb 1st ..09 I received all documents including Visa Screen from CGFNS.

    Now I have my letter from Dunedin Florida for employment, etc....and will be going to the border the end of October to apply for the TN Visa, and I-94.

    BUT ,,,I am not sure of what they mean at the border that you have 30 days....after applying for the TN Visa..
    Maybe someone who reads this can expand on the 30 day issue....
    Thanks so much
  13. by   carlee1995
    Add to the previous post about the order of applications for CGFNS, FBON,Visa Screen,
    once you have your Visa Screen I was informed by Homeland Security to come to the border with your
    FBON license...(but I cannot acheive this as FBON will not give you a License till you give them a Social Security number, but....Social security will not issue a #, until they see a Work Visa.
    I forwarded this info to FBON, and they said that Homeland Security does not need the FBON license, that my Ontario license is enough.
    I have a Nafta brochure, and on the back under professionals it says......Registered Nurse....State/provincial license or licenciatura degree.
    So, I think that this is enough.....I hope....also your letter of employment from your employer and it must state certain things...such as
    position, description of duties, hr. rate. lenght of employment....can only be 1 yr...on company letter head
    All your original copies of diplomas, degrees, etc. can be frustrating.....and stressful
    Also if you get your Work Visa (TN Visa), next you go to S.S. office and apply for your #, can take 6-8 weeks I am told...not sure...then forward that on to FBON and then they will issue your Florida license.
    So you may not start work tillthen,,,,depends on your employers policy.
    Be prepared at the border to be treated like garbage, as I was there to check it out...and was made to feel like an intruder..!!!! not welcome.
    Go to the site
    lots of info there
    Hope this helps
    Good luck........I know we will need it