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Visa Screen Certificate is required by all foreign nurses wishing to obtain a green card to work in the US, as well as any type of temporary work permit, such as the Nafta TN Visa for those from... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    I will be honest and say I am not sure if you write to them of there is a form you have to complete although I couldn't find anything on either website just fees. May be worth having a search for California and read up on some of the threads that come up there may be your answer

    Yes for ICHP you complete the form that is in the handbook and send to Ca along with the fee and they will forward it on to ICHP once completed
  2. by   EmAmood
    Thank you so much Silverdragon. Now I am confuse if I do the Visascreen first or the CES. Though I think visascreen should be done first since it'll be needed for my petition for H1b. What do you think? I am trying to give prioritization because of limited resources. These stuff are very expensive for me to do at the same time. But I am so greatful that we have you to guide and teach us towards our desire to work in the US. I truly appreciate it. God bless!
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    If you are going for H1b then I would get VSC out of the way first. However I would also move forward with CES as it can take up to 4 months of more to go through the process and if you need your license once you get your H1b it will be a delay if still waiting you can not work without the license for the state
  4. by   EmAmood
    That's right Silverdragon.. I hope I get all this done soon. I am going to contact CA BON regarding the procedure for verification of CA licensure with my endorsement.
  5. by   EmAmood
    Hi! i just wanna as soon as I get my visa screen certificate from CGFNS will it be applicable to all state? I am an NCLEX passer in California and I am applying for examination in Maryland per your advice since I cannot do the endorsement. My worry is that the visa screen certificate I am applying would only be valid for California employment. I have one more question since I am doing an application at MBON I notice that they haven't written about doing a fingerprint on their website. Do they also require one? And how long usually it takes for foreign nurses to receive an application packet for examination from MBON? Thanks.
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  6. by   Silverdragon102
    VSC is not per state but is valid for immigration purposes therefore covers the US as a whole.
  7. by   EmAmood
    Thank you for the info Silverdragon. God bless..
  8. by   EmAmood
    By the way is it possible for visitors in the states to do fingerprinting for nclex application requirement?
  9. by   gotjesus09
    PLease help! I would like to endorse my FL application to NY but I do not know how to go about. I passed my NCLEX last FEB of this year, right now reviewing for my IELTS. After IELTS please tell me what is the next Step. thanks.
  10. by   EmAmood
    Hi gotjesus09. I believe there is nothing to endorse if you do not have a license on hand. That means you do not hold a valid US SSN. What you should be doing is apply for a licensure by examination in NY and have apply for a verification of licensure in FL where you passed NCLEX exam. Go about the procedure in NY BON website about the process for licensure by examination. In many states they would require a CES and english proficiency exam. Good luck to you.
  11. by   gotjesus09
    Hi EmAmood! Thanks for you quick reply. OK, I will need to complete CVS then, Do I need to submit all the requirements again since I have submitted all the documents to FL BON under CGFNS? Also the english proficiency exam, is that the IELTS or different one? One more thing, do I need to inform FL BON that I passed the NCLEX? IS there a form to inform them? Thanks again.
  12. by   EmAmood
    Pls. check the NY BON website and see what are their requirements for licensure by examination to be exact. I am applying for it too from CA to MD. Just to give you my list of requirements are CES report from CGFNS to sent to Maryland Board of Nursing/MBON, a verification of licensure in CA to sent to MBON, IELTS score forwarded to MBON as well and the application packet that I have to do. That should be the case mostly in every state but try to check it as well from their website so you will know what is needed. You do not need to inform the FL BON that you passed NCLEX. Check from their website instead if their is a corresponding form to be filled out. there should also be a fee for that. In CA BON its $60 box.
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    For NY if a foreign trained nurse you have to go through CVS regardless on whether you passed NCLEX in another state or not.