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Hi everyone! I am currently waiting for my CES (Credentials Evaluation Service) report from CGFNS so I can go ahead and apply for licensure here in Tx. CGFNS already received all the requirements... Read More

  1. by   lailani23
    hi guys im still working on about the requirements of cgfns license validation from saudi arabia. i already sent a mail to scfhs and paid 150sr but they still didnt answer my emails. guys if you seen my message i need help and desperate i dont know what else can i do for validation of license from saudi arabia since im already here in america. pls email me at thank you so much
  2. by   Mohamed100
    Good day, Which branch of scfhs did you do in? I got my GSC, How to pay for VOL? Thank you.
  3. by   Mohamed100
    Quote from Erin.0129
    Thanks Miss Canadarn123 for your advice.

    I'm living here in UAE and as told, I asked my friend from Saudi to run an errand for me that was just few days ago, tuesday July 18, 2017. She went to SCFHS and ask for the person responsible for the Verification of license. The personel didn't ask her to come back another time, she asked for the Vol Form and Good standtanding certificate including my ID license which was expired already-sept.2016. It doesn't matter. She filled out the form and stamped it, when done she gave it back to my friend in an envelope, sealed. That was it. My friend went outside to send the documents. Story finished. I tracked my documents received by Mr. **** of CGFNS.

    GSC - 300SAR
    VOL - 300SAR
    Courier - 372SAR
    Good day, Which branch of scfhs did you do in? I got my GSC, How to pay for VOL? Thank you
  4. by   cathy18
    Hi. I am also currently on my application for the CRNBC. Could someone also send me copy of the official announcement from the Saudi Council. My email is
    I need to attach that document as justification for CRNBC. Thank you very much!
  5. by   Blood Chemistry
    Hi guys! I went few days at NCFM to have my saudi council Professional Accreditation Certificate translated. I'm a Nurse Technician. However they translated it NURSE SPECIALIST TECHNICIAN. I 'd like to ask if you had the same problem?
  6. by   ElmaJohn
    Hi Anju if possible kindly send me that mail from saudi council .As i am also processing for NNAS.They are not giving any VOL to non saudu candidates.If you can send me it is a great help for email is
  7. by   kayen
    hello can you send me the new policy announcement letter regarding the verification of license request from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties pls? My email address is thank you!
  8. by   ElmaJohn
    Sorry I did not received it . As I am too trying to find someone.If you have anyone at Kingdom I think it is good to visit SCHS directly.
  9. by   Mohamed100
    Hi to everyone. I am currently working in Saudi Arabia. I am also under process of NNAS assessment.
    I applied to SCFHS and got my forms processed through them. So please don't search for these circulars anymore. I think they are not valid. NNAS knows this.

    My Experience in getting the forms:
    1.I went to Makkah SCFHS, small regional office. They Turned my request down.
    2.Went to the biggest branch in nearby city of Jeddah. Enquired there.
    3.I printed out my NNAS VOL form.
    4.Printed out a Good Standing Certificate via SCFHS portal. 300 Saudi Riyals SADDAD Payment.
    5.Made a copy of my SCFHS license Card in Colour.
    6.Signed the forms and paid a fee of 300 Saudi riyals to the IBAN(International Bank Account Number) they gave me.
    7.Submitted everything to the concerned person with the receipt of payment.

    She was kind enough to fill everything and gave it back to me in 2 hours in a sealed envelope. I posted it directly to NNAS through courier. Courier fees 250 Saudi Riyals.

    Thank you
  10. by   kayen
    Hello everyone, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties are still doing the Verification of License, I asked a family member to go to Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in Dammam, they paid 150SAR and they gave them the form (you have to sign the form) from NNAS. The payment includes mailing directly to NNAS.
    You need to provide a copy of your Saudi license, and copy of good standing certificate if you have it (if not maybe you need to request for it too, not very sure about this)

    I think they are asking if you took the Prometric exam, I am not sure if that will matter if you did not take it. In my case I mentioned that I was exempted during that time when I was in Saudi Arabia because I worked at a national guard hospital. Good luck with your verification, just letting you know that Saudi Commission is still working on this.
  11. by   katyaelise
    Hi Mohamed100, BSN

    What specific certificate are you referring to here? Is it the license certificate from MOH? And which place did you go? SCFHS Dammam? Or Riyadh?
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  12. by   Mohamed100
    There is a certificate called good standing certificate.
    Request a certificate of good standing
    Try to obtain it as it is compulsory requirement to fill out your VOL.

    I mentioned in my post I went to Jeddah SCFHS.

    Hope it helps you.
  13. by   khirab
    Please can anybody send me the announcement letter from saudi council regard8ng them not processing verification pls pls pls