Nclex but not going to America

  1. Hiya can i ask as im a bit new to Nclex. Can you do your nclex exam but not actually use it? im Thinking i might want to go when my child has grown up but not interested at the moment but actually i enjoy studying and do approx 4-6 a day when my daughter has gone to bed on different topics. I love to learn and i would love to do the Nclex exam. So can you do this?
    also can you tell me where in the UK i can sit it? Im in the south east
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  3. by   passredskins1
    Can you do your nclex exam but not actually use it?

    what do you mean? The nclex is for students who went to nursing one from ouside can take it like that...the board of nursing when you want to get a license wil give you permission to take the nclex...

    if you mean..can you take the nclex and get a license but not work as a nurse presently...yes you can as long as you are agraduate of a nursing school and the state board has said you can take d nclex
  4. by   wish_me_luck
    First of all, NCLEX is an American (as in USA) test. There's other tests (similar to NCLEX) in other countries but it's not the NCLEX. Second of all, like passredskins1 said, NCLEX is a test to license as a nurse. I am not sure based on your post whether or not you have been to nursing school. But there's a lot of information that you have to submit to the board before you are declared eligible to sit for NCLEX. That includes clinical hours, transcripts, fees, etc. It's expensive. Between board application and Pearson Vue (and any international fee) it's close to or over $400.

    Like the other poster said, if you have graduated from nursing school and want to move to the US and take it, then yes, you can take it and not have to use your license (unless your state requires so many clinical hours logged); but if you are non-nursing and just like to study, then you can't take it because it's a nursing licensing exam.

    I hope this clarifies things.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
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    NCLEX is part of the US nurse licensing procedure and lots of other requirements have to be met. Depending on when you trained you will find that UK training doesn't meet US requirements as US training is general where UK is more specialised. Many UK nurses are being denied due to this change in training. Your transcripts must show clincial and theory hours in Paeds, mental Health, Obstetrics and Adult. Also the US has been under retrogression since Oct 2006 and this means demand for immigrant visas outweigh actual visas allocated and for many there is a 6 plus year wait.

    Yes you can apply for a license in the US but have to meet US state requirements and do not have to move and work however you may require a US SSN (similar to NI number in the UK) before a license is issued or even application is accepted. Suggest a good read in this forum

    You can sit the exam in London once you have meet state requirements and a ATT is issued.