My wife's application for CA NCLEX was denied

  1. My wife obtained her nursing degree in the Philippines. Last month she submitted her application to take the exam along with her school transcripts and and records of clinical experience. We received the board's reply yesterday stating that my wife's credentials do not meet the current State of CA requirement as per CCR Section 1426(d). The requirement states that theories and clinical experience must be done concurrently/in the same semester. She met the required clinical cases and school credits, but since the clinical cases and the corresponding theoretical instructions were done out of sequence it disqualified her from taking the NCLEX RN. This requirement does not make sense. So now in order to be considered for the NCLEX RN she must take additional course work (both theory and clinical practice to be done concurrently) in an accredited school of professional nursing IN CALIFORNIA. I fear that the nursing schools may want her to re-take the entire program. We shall see. We are going to look at schools next week. Her other option is to take the NCLEX LVN, so this is another avenue that we are exploring. So to those foreign nursing grads who are planning to take the NCLEX RN, better evaluate your credentials before sending your $125 to CA BON.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
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    Not just Philippines that are having issues, we do have several threads discussing this
  4. by   steppybay
    To Mustang, yes, it's so sad to have to re-take a deficiency class now.

    Like your wife, all of us PH grads were very much short-changed by our own PH colleges and schools. But I do know of friends who knows of others getting their BSN degree from the UK and being denied as they are also not meeting the CA BON policies that has been there for so many years.

    Good luck in your search for a CA nursing school for your wife, let us know of what you find out there.
  5. by   hyde_the_nars
    my application for NCLEX california was denied too.deymn.. I emailed them and ask for the lists of accredited schools in Manila,Philippines because i dont want to take the additional course work in US. and I'm still waiting for their response.but while waiting for it, I'm searching for other states that is not like Calif's.. so if there's any state that does not requiries sequencing of theory-clinical thingy, I will just disregard my NCLEX calif.apps.
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    hi steppybay... i just want to ask what are ur plans regarding nclex?? u will try lvn first ?
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    Quote from jhoneusebio
    hi steppybay... i just want to ask what are ur plans regarding nclex?? u will try lvn first ?
    I'm looking into other states, I don't have any relatives living here but have plenty of friends, some are RN's. I'm single, no kids, nothing to tie me down to CA and free as a bird.

    I don't plan to waste 4 years of my hard studying to become an LVP or LPN (sorry, no offense to others, just not for me now). I am helping some other PH batchmates looking into the LVN route, but this is not the route I want to take at this time, unless that's my very last resort.
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    @ Mustang_Sally

    I bookmarked your post. I am at the Philippines presently processing my school requirements for my application in Cali. but I think I will face that same situation with your wife. since I have encountered incongruence in theories and clinical experience. and applying as an LVN is now an option or I might apply my NCLEX in Oregon. Your post will be very helpful to people who are considering to be LPN. best of luck!
  10. by   Lamv
    Ms. Angela, did CA-BON gave younthe option ofbtaking the LVN?