My CA BRN renewal update

  1. Please read this past thread of mine to kinda provide you all a backbone story to THIS CURRENT thread:

    Anyway, I was really able to renew my CA BRN despite the fact of me being a foreign educated nurse. My situation is clearly stated in the aforementioned thread in paragraph one. Proof is below.

    Note that the expiry date they issued was based on last year's renewal cycle when I should've renewed my license (but never opted to).

    Thanks to the Lord above AND to the California BRN!

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    Congrats again! Yes, you're truly blessed to have gotten your CA renewal. My PH friend who also tried to get her FL license endorsed into CA was recently denied the transfer, even with her 2 years of RN experience, her letter said denied due to the concurrency problem (got her FL license in 2009).

    So yes, if one passed the NCLEX earlier as in your case, you're most likely able to find success.

    Good luck in CA!