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  1. by   susanmat
    ETEA IS very bad place to enroll.They want only money.They are not bothered about the registration and accomadation.Accomadation is very bad.sometimes they keep 12 -15 students in a 3 bed room .Accoamdate mixed male and female.Make sure in AHPRA site for ETEA accrediation.Recently they accomadate more the their quote so AHPRA specially verify all students record.Now for getting registration from AHPRA it takes three months after the study.But if you study anywhere else it takes less than one month.So everyone beware of this don't get trapped in the offerings of the agents.Agents say anything but once you reach there in Australia they will not help you for anything.They want money only.Another college charges around 10000 AUD .Same time ETEA charges 16000AUD.Office staffs are very rude....Beware before you get in the tap
  2. by   ceridwyn
    Thank you for your post. How honorable of them if this is true, I think NBV- first nurses board who first allowed this organisation to start this program and be accredited, had specified exactly how many students and when the course could run.

    These 'bridging' programs are to be informing, demonstrating Australian values and culture to overseas nurses from esl countries to be REGISTERED NURSES in Australia, not to be pca's or nursing attendants, but RNs that are to be informed of nursing in Australia at university level same as local nurses.

    'Putting through'. Large amounts of students does not give much faith in a guarantee of quality education or quality placements. 'haven't had a failure yet'' I heard this claim first hand. How can this be so?

    I know of a few international nurses that could not cope with a bridging course another who was sent off the ward because no one could understand their english. The education institution cannot in one short interview be aware of how people adapt//cope in new environments.

    As for the price, you will notice all private providers cost more than public...they know they have a very large, anxious for nursing registration, consumer base...and they need/want to make a profit. Though the public insitutions, must make a profit, just not a large profit.

    BTW as a hint, Research about the organisation, should be done on each and every education provider you are about to pay money.
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  3. by   sbeattrix
    Happy new Year to all!

    I'm not being masochistic, but I would like to thank susanmat and ceridwyn for their two cents and lived in experiences for sharing. It is indeed better to think positively, but it would be wise to look at the most obvious points.

    I do agree if you or your family can't support yourself, it would be better off to just look elsewhere.

    I have asked alot of Philman candidates and ones who finished the BP, alot have reported they haven't found work within 6 months time or more. And their pressured alot to find work and pay back the debt within 6 months or else the debt would be increased.

    That's why I have opted to seek help with family and relatives.

    But even so, my family is all being anxious coz my cousin who finished her BP in ETEA last August 2012 still hasn't found work.

    With this, I am still fearful if I should undertake BP or even push through with this.

    I am only praying and hoping and researching more and more. But in general, my family is saying I should take the chance.

    With this, can I ask for help from those graduates of University of South Australia and La Trobe what is your feedback on these 2 schools?

    One is Adelaide and one is Melbourne. One costs 15 thousand AUD and one costs 10 thousand AUD. One would finish BP by 3rd week of August 2013 and one would finish September 2013.

    Does anybody know when does the nursing students of Australia Graduate?

    I deduce that my cousin still couldn't find a job because after finishing in ETEA on August, ETEA had accreditation problems with AHPRA. So she only received her registration after 2 months which was in November 2012. After she got her registration, she had a very very hard time looking for sponsorship since its the holiday season. She got back from Australia since August after finishing her BP and she hasn't been able to return since then coz it would just be expensive living in Australia without work.

    So if anyone who has any comments for the schools of University of South Australia and Latrobe, please, help me choose.

    For those ETEA enrollees, I believe one should heed the advices of susanmat. The status of their accreditation in AHPRA says it all, including all the comments and status from their graduates.

    Thank you!
  4. by   sbeattrix
    Dear Susanmat,

    Thank you for your very insightful message. May I ask if you have any idea about other schools? You mentioned if you studied elsewhere, you'd get your registration less than a month. Is it okay if you could share which school would that be? Thank you very much.
  5. by   sbeattrix
    Good day Steppybay,

    You mentioned that its not that easy to convert the student visa over now. So it wouldn't be advisable to go into BP with a student visa?
  6. by   glitzdelight

    Is anyone here enrolled for the Assessment of Competence Program in The Australian College of Nursing (College of Nursing) for Jan 2013? If you guys need a place to stay, I can recommend a good place close to the college. Its about 10mins walk.

  7. by   BhabyRitz
    Is anyone here for BP in ETEA for May 29...
  8. by   BhabyRitz
    Quote from annie_v2g
    My loe is valid until may 2013..

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    hi... do you have an idea about the medical exam for visa... tnx
  9. by   yourprincess
    Quote from moonyen2012
    I already have my COA for June 21,2013 intake.
    hi mo0nyen!, I had it also by december. How are you with your application?
  10. by   chelseaxyrene
    I know of 3 people who were able to find a job after bridging. One took 4months.before.finding.a.job.the other 2 months and the last 3months. They said that finding a sponsor is hard. There are job.openings but only few offet sponsorship.
  11. by   nahchan
    Hi everyone, can someone give me a rundown on how to process the Bridging Program in Australia? I'm a newly grad and unfortunately doesn't have any working experience yet. Honestly, I don't know where to start so I'm crossing my fingers if anyone of you can help me with this. Thanks in advance

    Can someone post a brief step by step (IF that's okay with you) on how to begin the Bridging Program in Australia? All I can read in the previous posts is that most of you have already their visa and I'm having a hard time to cope up (Coz I'm really out of place -___-)
    PLEASE, help me. I don't know where to start and I really want to grab this program. Btw, I'm a fresh graduate and no working experience yet. Is that even possible that I can be part of the bridging program? Thanks
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  12. by   ossimanila
    Quote from chelseaxyrene
    I know of 3 people who were able to find a job after bridging. One took 4months.before.finding.a.job.the other 2 months and the last 3months. They said that finding a sponsor is hard. There are job.openings but only few offet sponsorship.
    hi chelsea, do all of the three mentioned above have prior nursing experience prior their Australian adventure?
  13. by   chelseaxyrene
    Quote from ossimanila
    hi chelsea, do all of the three mentioned above have prior nursing experience prior their Australian adventure?
    Yes. 2 of them have around 2 to 3 years work experience. the other one only has I think a year of hospital experience. Anyway, one was hired in an aged care facility and the other two in a hospital.